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  • Thumbnail - Express Blog Articles Advice on Different Strategies for Better Job Hunting Rantoul IL - 10/21/2022 Learn about different strategies for better job-hunting tactics. The team at Express Employment Professionals, a leading employment agency in Rantoul, IL, has some strategies to share with you. 
    Express Blog Articles Rantoul IL Landing The Perfect Job Through Nailing the Interview Rantoul, IL - 09/21/2022

    It is common knowledge that the interview process can be daunting. You have one shot to make a good impression and hopefully get the job you have been vying for. Express Employment Professionals, a professional technical staffing agency in Rantoul, IL, is covering some of the topics that commonly come up during interviews. Even better, we're sharing how to best answer them so you can come out on top!

    Express Blog Articles Rantoul IL What to Expect When Working with Employment Recruiters Rantoul, IL - 08/25/2022 As a job seeker, working with an employment agency can be a great way to find your next role. In this article, we'll explore what a staffing agency is, how they work, and the benefits that come from working with a professional.
    Express Blog Articles Rantoul IL 5 Tips to Benefit from a Sit-Down with Your Supervisor Rantoul, IL - 06/24/2022 It may be daunting to think about discussing professional advancement with your employer, but it's an important component of your growth.
    Express Blog Articles Rantoul IL The Pros of Being Hired for an Administrative Role Rantoul, IL - 05/25/2022 Some people may see administrative roles as slow-paced with little opportunity for growth. However, there are many benefits to working in an administrative role. It is often the best way to get your foot in the door at a company or organization!