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    When does the Bill go into effect?

    The Bill will go into effect on August 15th, 2023, or immediately upon signature by Governor Pritzker. We are acting now to prepare for its implementation and are actively engaging with industry experts, legal advisors, and relevant authorities to stay updated on any additional guidelines or clarifications that may be issued.


    What is Express' plan to mitigate the effect on my business?

    At Express, we are committed to minimizing disruptions to your business and assisting you throughout this transition. Our team is taking measures to update our internal processes, systems, and training programs to ensure strict compliance with the requirements of the amendment.
    In the coming weeks, we will proactively contact you to ensure that we have the necessary information on file for proper compliance. This includes the following items:

    * Updated Safety Tour/Safety Summary form
    * Amended Staffing Agreement
    * Conversion plan and preferences at the 90-day mark.
    * Information regarding the compensation of directly hired employees in equivalent roles


    How many employees of mine will be affected?

    The impact on the number of employees will vary depending on assignment length and your business's unique circumstances. To assess the potential impact, we are conducting a thorough review of each client's temporary workforce, specifically identifying associates who are approaching the 90-day mark. Our team is prioritizing communication with clients based on the immediacy of the effects. Rest assured; we will proactively contact you if your business is among those immediately impacted.


    What are my options at 90 days?

    Upon reaching the 90-day threshold, you have several options to ensure compliance with the amendment while aligning with your specific business needs. We are committed to finding unique solutions that best suit your requirements including adjusted compensation, conversion to direct employees, and assignment transition.


    How will this affect what I pay Express?

    We refuse to pass on any cost of these regulatory changes to our customers. Your current rates for employees up to the 90-day threshold will remain unaffected. Should you choose to extend the temporary assignment and adjust compensation beyond the 90-day mark, we will adjust the pay and bill rates accordingly to align with the new terms, maintaining our agreed-upon rate.

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