Associate Benefits Details

  • There are several benefits available to the associates of Express Employment Professionals San Antonio Northeast.  

    Some of these benefits have different requirements that need to be met.  The details of these requirements and the methods to obtain associate benefits are listed here.

    • Paid Time Off:
      • Holiday Pay: Express recognizes six paid holidays per year. To qualify for holiday pay you must satisfy three (3) requirements:
        • (1) you work 500 hours (excluding overtime) in 16 consecutive weeks ending one full week prior to the holiday week;
        • (2) you are on an express assignment the week of the holiday; and
        • (3) you work the scheduled workday before and after the holiday.  
          Holidays recognized by Express are: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
      • Vacation Pay: Working with Express, you start accruing vacation time immediately for every hour worked at the rate of 1 hr for every 62.5 hrs worked.  Once you reach 1000 hours worked with Express, you may start utilizing the accrued vacation time.  Associates may only use the vacation time for planned time off providing at least one week notice to Express and the client before taking time off.  
    • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan: Express is pleased to offer a 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan that allows you to defer all federal income taxes on your contributions until funds are distributed to you.  You may join the plan on the first day of the month following your date of hire. More information and everything you need to enroll in the plan is accessible here.

    • Insurance Benefits: Associates are immediately eligible for comprehensive insurance through Express, provided by Essential StaffCARE.  Insurance benefits can include a medical plan, dental plan, vision/eye-wear plan, short term disability, and life insurance.
      • Medical Plan: Associates have two options when enrolling in health benefits: 
        • Option 1 is the ESC Fixed Indemnity Health Care Plan administered by Essential StaffCARE.
        • Option 2 is the ACA Preventative Care Plan administered by Essential StaffCARE.  This plan qualifies as minimum essential coverage under the ACA, and, if elected, eliminates the associate's Individual Mandate Tax.
        • Specific benefits will depend on which plan you choose.
      • Dental Plan: Associates have the option of signing up for dental benefits when they apply.  The dental plan provided by Essential StaffCARE offers an annual maximum benefit of $750 and a deductible of $50.  
      • Vision Plan: Associates have the option of signing up for vision benefits when they apply.  The vision plan provided by Essential StaffCARE offers coverage for eye examinations, frames, lenses, and contacts.
      • Short-term Disability: Associates have the option of signing up for short-term disability benefits when they apply.  The short-term disability coverage provided by Essential StaffCARE offers a benefit of 60% of salary up to $150 a week for a maximum benefit period of 26 weeks.
      • Life Insurance: Associates have the option of signing up for term life insurance benefits when they apply.  The term life-insurance coverage provided by Essential StaffCARE offers benefit amounts of up to $10,000 for the insured employee, $5,000 for an insured spouse, $5,000 for an insured child, and $1,000 for an insured infant. 
      For more information about insurance benefits, call the Essential StaffCARE Customer Service at 1-866-798-0803.

    • Direct Deposit or Money Network Card: Working as an associate at the Express San Antonio Northeast Office, you can choose to receive your pay through either Direct Deposit (the pay amount is automatically deposited into your bank account), or a Money Network Card (the pay amount is loaded onto an ATM card for your use).  Pay is provided on a weekly basis.

    • Referral Bonus: For more information about about referral bonuses available to associates, please visit our referral bonus page.

    If you have any questions about your benefits as an Express Associate, don't hesitate to Contact Us.