Meet the Owners of Express in Marin County

  • Express Marin County Owners Peter and Tracy Dempsey

    Peter Dempsey

    Peter opened the Express Employment Professionals office with his wife, Tracy, on July 6, 2009. Ever since, he has been known in our community as someone who truly enjoys helping others to help themselves. Peter can be described as a person who likes to set goals, develop strategies, and motivating his team toward a singular purpose. Prior to Express, he owned another business that he watched grow to become very large before transitioning.

    "I'm intrigued with the psychology of people, as well as

    what motivates them to prioritize and put effort into something."

    Peter believes the most rewarding aspect of his job lies in finding jobs for individuals who are looking for employment opportunities and sharing the Express work ethic with companies that culturally and professionally align with Express values.

    Born and raised in Tacoma Washington, Peter ventured across the west coast for further education and employment opportunities. After 20 years in Southern Oregon, Peter moved to the San Francisco Bay region where Tracy grew up, and fell in love with the San Rafael area. In his pastime, Peter enjoys racing sports cars, participating in Triathalons, and reading.

    Tracy Dempsey

    Tracy launched the Express office in San Rafael with her husband, Peter, on July 6, 2009. Known in our office as the "Goddess of Sales," Tracy has an extensive background working in sales and business development for PSA Airlines and American Express. As a very caring and client-oriented business owner, she believes that it is important to treat strangers like family and be fair to every person that walks through their door.

    "I deeply believe in the Golden Rule and lead by example through mentoring employees, giving back, and having an open door policy."

    The most rewarding part of Tracy's job is the satisfaction she receives from helping people succeed. She emphasizes the importance of having a great sense of humor in the workplace, being open to the ideas of others, and being an effective communicator.

    Tracy is relationship driven and believes in giving back to her community. She actively volunteers for TIPS and the Red Cross, where she was named "Volunteer of the Year." Tracy is a native of northern California and spends any free time she may have cooking, volunteering, participating in sports, and enjoying time with her family.

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