• Manny Soto
    Manny Soto

    Senior Recruiter

    Manny has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Human Resources with a minor in Psychology. He leads us with taking care of our largest account. His favorite part about working with Express is making a positive impact on our community by providing jobs to people. He appreciates that we are a small team, so we each make an impact that is easy to measure and notice.

    Manny originally comes from Southern California but has lived in the PNW for the last 12 years. Fun Fact: He can throw a baseball 104 KPH! (He says).

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    Beverly Amstadter
    Beverly Amstadter

    Office Services Recruiter

    Beverly has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Gonzaga. Her favorite part about working with Express is getting to make a daily impact on the community by helping put great people to work.

    She enjoys playing soccer, basketball, pickleball, skiing and volleyball. Fun fact: Right after college, she bought a one way ticket to Berlin, Germany with absolutely zero plans. Everything worked out and she ended up living there for 6 years!


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    Patrick Bailey
    Patrick Bailey

    Industrial / Skilled Trades Recruiter

    Patrick has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing. His favorite part about working with Express is getting to help people everyday and he enjoys our fun team environment. He leads our Industrial / Skilled Trades team and does a fantastic job.

    Patrick grew up in Spokane and enjoys biking, hiking and exploring. One time he even biked from Spokane to Canada for fun! Another Fun Fact: Patrick started out as an associate for us!


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    Lindsey B
    Lindsey Bays

    Front Office Administrator

    Lindsey is our wonderful Front Office Administrator! She's the friendly face everyone gets to see when they enter our building. She manages payroll, our social media, and all office administration tasks - she's such an integral part of our team! She has a Bachelor's Degree in political science from Boise State University and her favorite part about working with Express is welcoming people into the office.

    Lindsey enjoys volleyball, hiking, fishing, longboarding, card games, and pickleball.

    Fun fact: Lindsey's favorite band is Escape Plan (Tao Pao Ji Hua).

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    Cole Fairbairn
    Cole Fairbairn

    Office Services Recruiter

    Cole has a Master’s Degree in political science from the University of British Columbia and Bachelors in Political Science from Gonzaga. His favorite part about working with Express is positively impacting the well-being of clients and associates through the establishment of meaningful working connections. He appreciates the unique interactions that each day brings and hopes to continue growing the already glowing reputation of our office services division.

    Cole came to Spokane in 2015 for college and in that time, he has grown to call Spokane home. He enjoys playing at the park with his English Cream Golden Retriever Ove and reading fantasy novels in all of Spokane’s exquisite coffee shops. Fun Fact: Cole bakes the best cheesecakes (...he also wrote this and has never brought us a cheesecake to the office).

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    Brodi 1
    Brodi 2

    Official Office Greeter

    Brodi plays an important role in our office as the official greeter and takes his job very seriously. Our only complaint is that he often sleeps on the job.

    Connect with Brodi by stopping by our office!


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