• Meet Our Specialized Recruiting Group Stillwater, MN Team

    Casey - New
    Casey Kraus

    Managing Partner

    Casey joined the SRG Stillwater team in 2021 with an additional 16+ years in the Staffing and Recruiting Industry. He is a leader in training sales/recruiting and building organizations, most notably growing a technology organization from 20 to 250 employees across the company and vertically recruiting for each company department.

    As an Owner/Managing Partner, Casey is able to incorporate his years of experience in staffing and recruiting to provide the best candidates and service. He loves helping good people find great jobs with growing organizations, striving to help both his clients and candidates achieve their goals together. Casey sites being a Top 10 SRG Individual Performer and leading a Top 10 SRG Office out of 600+ SRG Offices nationwide within their first year of business as one of his proudest career accomplishments.

    Outside of work, Casey is an avid golfer. He loves to spend his free time traveling around the world with his family, and he enjoys learning how to make great meals for friends and family. His favorite foods center around having something going on the smoker in the Winter months or cooking Asian cuisine.

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    Karl - New
    Karl Amlie


    Karl has a passion for people and business: for helping entrepreneurs and their companies, who in turn help their customers and employees, who in turn build their communities. He has over 10 years of sales and recruiting expertise and a background in hard science.

    In 2013, Karl joined the Staffing and Recruiting Industry as a Business Developer for Express Employment Professionals, Specialized Recruiting Group’s parent company. He quickly transitioned into a General Manager role at the Express St. Croix Falls, WI office, and by 2015 he was ready to open his own office: Express Employment in Forest Lake, MN.

    Four years later, Karl’s vision of growing a professional recruiting team became a reality, and the Forest Lake location officially became a Specialized Recruiting Group branded office. By 2021, Karl joined in purchasing the Maple Grove, MN Express franchise, and in 2022 the Specialized Recruiting Group expanded to open a standalone office in Stillwater, MN.

    Karl’s combined offices have helped hundreds of people find work each year in contract-to-hire and direct hire roles. Helping people succeed is what motivates Karl to be his best, especially coaching internal teams to grow and develop their job skills and life skills.

    Outside of work, Karl enjoys giving back to his community via volunteer board positions with the Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, the Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association, and the Community Scholarship Foundation. Most importantly, Karl enjoys spending time with his growing family: his wife Allie, their daughter Addie, their pup Harlow, and Addie’s many aunts, uncles, and grandparents in the area.

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    Josh - New
    Joshua Heim

    Lead Professional Recruiter

    Josh joined the SRG Stillwater team in 2022 after previously working as an Account Manager for a Fortune Top 30 Company serving the Stillwater/Lake Elmo, MN area. During his time with the company, he implemented better SOPs for the team, and he sites it as one of his proudest professional accomplishments! Josh has also earned Degrees in Auto Body, Mechanics, 12v, and Business Management.

    As a Lead Professional Recruiter, Josh brings excitement and consistency to his role. He shared, "you always know what you will get out of me," and this reliability has made him a true asset to the SRG team. Josh is incredibly proud of the team and the accomplishments they have conquered in the short amount of time they've been together. He considers the daily challenges of the job to be extremely rewarding when he is able to positively impact and change people's lives as well as his own life! Josh aspires to lead a successful team who enjoys working and succeeding together!

    Outside of work, Josh is an avid outdoorsman. Camping, fishing, boating, and playing a variety of sports with his kids is always on the schedule!

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    Marc - New
    Marc Gilker

    Lead Professional Recruiter | Director of Contract Staffing

    Marc joined the SRG Stillwater team in 2022 with an additional 5 years of recruiting expertise. He brings a variety of skills and experience to his role, including working in Global Manufacturing Sales, as a Machinist, and as a current Real Estate Investor.

    As a Lead Professional Recruiter, Marc enjoys helping his team succeed and loves to celebrate individual and team success. What Marc loves about recruiting is: helping people solve problems. 

    With aspirations to own several recruiting offices, Marc enjoys working closely with the SRG team. He considers being trusted to train new recruiters as one of his proudest professional accomplishments. Marc’s favorite and most fulfilling part of the job is receiving a phone call saying, “this job/candidate was the perfect fit. Thank you!”

    Marc is a family man who enjoys fishing, sports, and home renovations outside of work. He also serves his community as a Fire and Search First Responder.

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    Emilio - New
    Emilio Rodriguez

    Account Manager

    Emilio joined the SRG Stillwater team in 2021 after previously working as a top 10 3PL provider at the 14th largest logistics company in North America. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a Minor in Business Administration.

    As a Professional Recruiter, Emilio enjoys working closely with the SRG team and being the stepping stone to help people further their career. He shared, “helping people is something I find myself constantly doing, which landed me a spot at a desk as a recruiter.” Emilio considers himself a positive individual who is very open minded, and he hopes to one day move into a management role and help the SRG team continue to grow internally.

    Outside of golfing, fishing, and playing hockey, Emilio really enjoys spending time with family and friends. He also loves chasing his puppy around when she gets the zoomies.

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    Liv Sampair

    Account Manager

    Liv joined the SRG Stillwater team in 2023, bringing with her years of experience on the hiring side of finding quality, long-lasting employees. She is excited to use those skills to help companies find quality candidates and help candidates find their long-lasting career home in her role as a Professional Recruiter!

    As a Professional Recruiter, Liv really enjoys working with individuals, teams, and companies to better their lives and careers. Her many years in the healthcare industry have helped her to understand the day in the life of a healthcare professional. This knowledge and understanding of what clients are looking for in a quality candidate, as well as what a candidate needs to thrive and grow with a company, allows her to help both parties find a successful outcome and have fulfillment in their company/career.

    Liv shared that her proudest professional accomplishment is that she has built long-lasting, quality relationships with her clients and candidates. These relationships have taught her great tings and have helped her grow within her career, all while encouraging herself and those around her to grow and never stop dreaming for bigger and better things. She loves coming to work each day, working alongside an incredible team to help better the lives and careers of candidates and clients.

    Outside of work. Liv is a wife and mother of four amazing children. Her family is why she does what she does and why she pushes herself to dream bigger! She loves to spend time with them on the lake, as well as playing hockey, lacrosse, and golf. Liv herself is also an avid sports fan and loves spending time at the gym daily. She has been a fitness instructor for early morning classes for over 12 years, and she is grateful to spend her early mornings with strong, powerful, can-do clients, friends, and co-workers. As she shares with her students each morning, "it is the attitude you bring to the table everyday that counts, so don't bring a bad one!"

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    Reed - New
    Reed Gusek

    Professional Recruiter

    Reed joined the SRG Stillwater team in 2023, bringing with him a white glove approach to customer service to ensure that each client receives exceptional care and attention. To demonstrate his consistency and dedication, Reed is now a three-time Diamond Club Level Sales Achiever. Plus, with a background in property management and small business operations, Reed offers a well-rounded skillset to address a wide range of needs! With that said, he is excited to join the SRG Stillwater team to help bridge the gap between candidates and their dream employers.

    Outside of work, Reed enjoys a variety of different challenges! From battling rugged terrain while mountain biking to going head-to-head with an opponent in a jiu-jitsu match to kicking back with friends and enjoying a game of disc golf.

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    Ryan - New
    Ryan Helgerson

    Professional Recruiter

    Ryan recently joined the SRG Stillwater team, bringing in 9 years of experience working and making connections with hundreds of hiring managers in the Twin Cities. According to Ryan, "developing strong relationships with so many professionals in our industry" is his favorite part of his role in our team.

    At the end of the day, Ryan would love to continue to climb the ladder of success and move into a leadership role or even open his own branch! This aspiring leader knows that not many professions can offer the change that career seekers are after, and Ryan is ready to be the positive change that they are looking for!

    Not only is Ryan a part of a top-ranked recruiting team, he is also a top-ranked fantasy football player in Minnesota! He is also a proud step-father of two teenagers, Dylan and Kayla. Who could forget about their family dog, Jax!

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    Sloan Schmidt

    Professional Recruiter

    Sloan recently joined the SRG Stillwater team, bringing with him a positive mindset and the willingness to learn as much as possible. Even though Sloan is new to the recruiting industry, he is not new to sales! Previously, he and his team created, developed and oversaw a variety of shows for their high valued VIPs at Grand Casino Hinckley - from dinners and VIP events, to concerts, to trips and cruises! Having those years of experience in the radio and casino industries, he learned to communicate and build relationships with a variety of people!

    With that said, he is excited to grow with a team and company that he truly enjoys spending his time at and with a team he can connect to. According to our newest Professional Recruiter, "My favorite part of my job is the rewarding feeling of helping a person or family by finding them a new opportunity! Also, the work environment is top of the line here. I couldn’t ask for anywhere better!"

    Outside of work, Sloan enjoys a kicking back and watching a Green Bay Packers game or achieving Victory Royale in Fortnite with his two kids! Who, by the way, are his favorite people in the entire world! You also might find Sloan playing poker with friends, out fishing, or just listening to some 1990s-2000s rap, hip-hop, and R&B tunes!

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