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  • Building Your Career.
    Building Relationships.

    Express West Valley finds Job Seekers work in a number of job types , for businesses all over the Salt Lake County area. We've put over a decade into building relationships with our local Employers, so that we can give you a variety of quality job opportunities. We are here to help you get into the workforce of your choosing - and we do it all for free!

  • We Open Doors to Employment Opportunities

    Salt Lake County is exploding with job opportunities but even with all the jobs out there, job hunting can be difficult when you're doing it all on your own - it doesn't have to be that way though! For over 10 years Express Employment Professionals in West Valley has helped Job Seekers find employment in Salt Lake County and now it’s time for us to help you! Our goal is to help you decide what sort of work is best for you by having you go through our simple but highly effective hiring process to determine your needs, availability, and skill set, then prepare and present you to the Employers that best match what you’re looking for. When you come to Express West Valley for work, the only doors you’ll have to open are ours - from that point on, we will open the rest and provide you with the opportunities you need to help you land your next job!

  • Your West Valley Employment Experts

    Our Express West Valley team has worked hard to gain the reputation we have within the community. For years we have forged strong connections with our area's top Employers so that we can present you with the very best job opportunities Salt Lake County has to offer. Our Express office offers job placements in a range of Short-term, Long-term, Temporary, Contract, Direct Hire, and Evaluation Hire options, for all kinds of local businesses. We take on a lot of Job Seekers employment needs but each and every one of our future Associates are important to us and we make sure to give you the respect and attention that you deserve. We are experts when it comes to finding employment and are confident that with our resource and local connections, we can find the ideal job opportunity for you!

  • Express West Valley's Most Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of jobs to you offer?

    The Express West Valley office make job placements within the following three industries:

    • Professional

    • Office Services

    • Light Industrial

    What jobs are available to me?

    Express provides staffing services to businesses all over the Salt Lake County area. This allows us to develop a unique network of Employers that you probably wouldn’t know of if you weren’t looking for work with Express West Valley. Going through our hiring process will allow us to make things easier for you by using the information collected to filter through that long list of Employers and see if any of the best matches interest you.

    Are there benefits when you work with Express?

    Yes! Our Express West Valley office provide some of the best employee benefits out there to those who qualify after becoming one of our Express Associates!

    Why didn’t I get called in for an interview after I finished my online application?

    We aim to find work for all of the Job Seekers that come to us in need of employment, but unfortunately we can’t place everyone right away. We’d be wasting your time if we called you in for a prospective job that may not have an opening for another month or so - and one of the last things we want to do is waste your time!  While you wait for an opening, we advise you to regularly check our website for updates and utilize some of the free services we offer, such as our Job Genius newsletter and our career development services which provide interviewing tips, career development strategies, and training in some of the administrative industry's first choice software!

    Why haven’t I heard from you?

    Our team hasn’t forgotten about you - we swear! We want put as many people to work as possible but that means we have to start staffing for the jobs that need filled first. Let us know if you’re still in the market for a job, by contacting one of our Express West Valley consultants.

  • Allow Express to Lead You to Employment Success!

    We never charge Job Seekers for our services. Employers are the only ones that pay, and that’s only after we successfully place one of our talented candidates into their workforces - that candidate could be you!

  • Types of Jobs

    Types of Jobs

    Explore a range of jobs that could be the right fit for you.

    Hiring Process

    Hiring Process

    In a few easy steps, we'll match your skills to available jobs.

    Employee Benefits

    Employee Benefits

    You can become eligible for a variety of benefits.

    Career Developement

    Career Development

    Training resources to help you get where you want to go.



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