• The Express Team

    Nicole McEntyre - Resized
    Nicole McEntyre

    Office Manager

    Nicole McEntyre has been a part of the Express Employment Professionals Family for over 15 years. She performs in any aspect of the business that is necessary from staffing, recruiting, managing, payroll, accounts receivable, etc. She is passionate about helping her team, community, and employees. She hopes that placing the right individual with good organizations will reduce turnover and create highly functioning employees to add value to a company's bottom line.  


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    Anna Stone - Resized 2
    Anna Stone

    Employment Specialist - Office Services

    Anna Stone has lived in the Grays Harbor area for over 32 years and joined the Express Team in January of 2015.  Anna started with Express as the front office coordinator prior to taking on a staffing consultant roll after a few short months.  She has a strong desire to recruit the best for great companies and she looks forward to constantly finding something that benefits and impacts both our Express clients and Express associates.  Away from work Anna manages a very productive schedule with her husband, two children and her activities as PTO President at her children's school.  


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    Courtney Vega - Resized
    Courtney Vega

    Employment Specialist - Commercial

    Courtney moved to Aberdeen in 2016, from Fort Collins, Co. Throughout the 3 years she has been with Express she has held three different positions which included Front Office Coordinator, Recruiting Specialist and then was promoted into her current role as Staffing Consultant. In her spare time, Courtney enjoys camping with her family and spending time with her 3 beautiful daughters, family and friends.


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    Jemma McVey - 25
    Jemma McVey

    Front Office Coordinator

    Jemma moved to Grays Harbors in 2015 from London, England to be a Grandmother. Her background is in reception, customer service and clerical work in the Medical, Newspaper, Education and Law fields. Jemma joined Express November 2019 and knew the minute she met everyone here at the Express office that she wanted to be a part of the team! Jemma absolutely loves being at the front and working with people. She has been married 32 years, has two children, and one granddaughter who is now 4 years old and ready to rule the world! Jemma loves baking, cooking and having pretend tea parties with her granddaughter and the Queen…of England of course.


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    Richard Van Sant - Resized
    Richard Van Sant

    Recruiting Specialist

    Richard has been with Express since August 2018 as the Front Office Coordinator. Just recently, he has transitioned into the Recruiting Specialist role. Being able to assist applicants and associates with any of their needs is what Richard enjoys most about his role. Richard has lived in Washington since 2016 after moving all the way from Tennessee. In Richard's free time, he enjoys playing video games, tennis, and enjoying new foods.

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    Barbie Smith - Resized
    Barbie Smith

    Business Developer

    Barbie Jo Smith-Business Developer with Express. Barbie is a long time Grays Harbor resident who has been employed with Express since June 2019. The thing she loves most about her job is being the first point of contact with new businesses. She currently resides in Cosmopolis with her busy family.  She is the proud mother of 5 children and 3 grandchildren.  She enjoys glamping across the beautiful Pacific Northwest in her free time. 



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    Jessica Cruz - Resized
    Jessica Cruz

    Back Office Coordinator

    Jessica Cruz joined the Express team in February of 2015. Growing up in a background in the Seafood Industry she has seen all the ins and outs from working on the processing line to managing a Forklift crew in the Shipping and Receiving department. Her experience helped bring hundreds of associates through the door and placed to work at various local Seafood Companies. She has now moved into the role of Back Office Coordinator doing payroll and accounts receivable. Outside of work Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband and 1-year-old daughter going to the Soccer fields and rooting on their Soccer team as well as spending time with her family.


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    Danielle Wood - Resized
    Danielle Wood

    Risk Coordinator and Marketing

    Danielle joined Express in April of 2016. Her background in glass production and safety led her to the role of Risk Coordinator for Express offices in Aberdeen and Olympia. Danielle handles worker's compensation claims, safety training and marketing. Her focus is preventing injuries and getting our associates back to work after an injury does occur. Danielle grew up in Lewis County where she currently lives and is married with 2 children. Outside of work, Danielle enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family camping, hiking and crabbing on her family boat.


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    Julius Mbewe - Cropped Resized
    Julius Mbewe

    Account Manager - Healthcare

    Julius joined Express in June of 2018 with a background in sales and business development. His prior experience has made him a natural fit for Express' Healthcare niche where his hard work has driven him to succeed in growing the department. Julius loves knowing that he has made a positive impact on his clients and clinicians every day. When Julius is not at work, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and traveling the world.


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    Janet Anunda - resize
    Janet Anunda

    Staffing Coordinator - Healthcare

    Janet lived in downtown Seattle for 10 years before coming to join Express in September 2019 and is currently working to complete her certificate in Human Resource Management. She oversees payroll and compliance while building and maintaining relationships with clients and clinicians. Janet enjoys being able to provide guidance, organization and support for Express' nurses and team. Outside of work, Janet enjoys spending a lot of time with her friends and family. Janet is a proud alumni of Washington State University!


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    Kiara Columbo - resize
    Kiara Colombo

    Recruiting Specialist - Healthcare

    Kiara joined Express in August of 2019. She grew up here in Olympia and has been in the medical insurance industry since she was 16. She enjoyed helping business owners understand and appreciate their insurance benefits, which grew her passion for helping. She is now 20, currently in college for entrepreneurship, and scheduled to graduate Spring of 2020. She enjoys helping businesses where they need it most, and in turn placing associates in their preferred positions.


    When she's not working, you'll find her at home laughing with her 2 sons and daughter, chasing them around a playground, or spending time at her grandparent's house.


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