I have been working with Express for a few months now, they are always very polite to me and help me in anyway that they can. I look forward to keep working with them and spreading the word about them to others! - Tia (Associate)


    I've been an associate with Express for over a year now. Nothing but considerate and professional. Opportunities await. – John (Associate)


    This agency gave me a chance when no one else would. Now I'm running businesses in which I started out as a temp. The people there are professional, and I will recommend this agency too anyone. – Charles (Associate)


    I started out on this journey after being out work for medical reasons, and I quickly found myself needing a job ASAP. I went to the Albany Job Fair and I found this company Express Pros. Since then, I have been an Express employee out of their Albany office since June 2017. Their interview process was very efficient, and they were able to hire me that day! All I needed to do was check in to get my first assignment. I spent four or so months at my first assignment and everything was going well, but I decided that the type of work I was doing wasn't for me. I went back to Express and told them my concerns, and to my amazement, they got me an interview for a different job the very next morning! I was hired for that position! I did my job, and did it well every day I was never late (ok I was late once), but I always gave it my best and I was recognized for it. The employer just recently took me on as a permanent employee, and Express decided to make me their employee of the month! I'm very thankful that they were there for me to get me back on my feet. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you -Edward (Associate)


    I am grateful to Express and specifically Nichole Harden for finding me job placement. I came on as a temp and was hired on by the first company they placed me at, after fulfilling my contract of course. Nichole knew I was a perfect fit for this position and me getting hired on proves it!! I had zero issues at all during my time with them so if you’re looking for a great staffing agency that understands where to put you and has your best interest at heart, look no further!!! – Michael (Associate)


    I've had the best experience with them out of all of the agencies in the area! – James (Associate)


    Express pros of Albany 🙌🏼 👍🏼 💕 .. Wow these guys are the real deal. I respect these down to earth professionals. I'm not kidding. Found me a job within a few days of my resume. Find an Express Pro in your area! This sounds cliché but I wish I used them sooner. – Mindy (Associate)


    True professionals. Great communication, quality service and qualified employees. - James (Client)


    We've been working with Express as an employer for over a year. The team at Express/Albany has consistently provided us with quality workers and great service. When we do have an issue with people being late or out, we are contacted by Express early on. From my experience with them, they are a very professional group to work with. The e-billing is a great part of the service. Very simple and straight forward. – Dan (Client)


    Excellent customer service and the staff had great knowledge of businesses in the surrounding area. - Dave (Client)


    Jordan is highly professional and always goes above and beyond for his clients. He continues to over deliver and his outlook brings a refreshing new meaning to customer service! - Rob (Client)