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    Express Jobs Sarah Galusha
    Sarah Galusha

    Office Manager

    Sarah was born and raised in the Capital District. After 14 years of working in the legal field, she decided to change careers and perform more meaningful work. Sarah graduated cum laude from Sage College of Albany with a degree in Psychology and Education.

    Sarah's background and experience enable her to effectively help clients, associates and anyone who walks through our doors. Sarah loves helping people get back on their feet and find long-term careers. The work we do at Express truly impacts the lives of many and she's honored to be part of this team.

    In Sarah's spare time she enjoys traveling, kayaking, boating, hockey and spending time with her nieces and nephews.   



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    Express Jobs Ethan Roden
    Ethan Roden

    Employment Specialist

    I help people find good jobs and I help companies find good people.
    I really enjoy the work we do here because we are able to make a difference in people's lives. Anywhere from just finding someone work so they can get out of the house for a few hours a day to taking a chance on someone who is really trying to turn their life around and provide for themselves and their family

    Being able to help people is the reason I work here. I previously worked in HR and management, which is what lead me to having an interest in working with Express, especially after learning about all the company does.
    Outside of work, I love spending time with my dog, she's like a little toddler always wanting constant attention. 


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    Albany Express - Katie
    Katie Hiltz

    Employment Specialist

    After coming from 14 years of retail management and HR experience, I decided that I needed to find a place where I was really making a difference in peoples' lives; not just helping customers. At Express Employment Professionals, we help people from all walks of life find the opportunities they need to be successful. From the recent graduate just trying to get their foot in the door, to the CEO who just lost his entire company, to Joe Anybody just trying to find a better opportunity so he can provide for his family. Being able to work someplace where you can say without provocation that you have helped someone restart their life, is a rewarding experience, and that's why I work here. 


    I graduated magna cum laude from the University at Albany in 2013, and I have been working with the public and in customer service for most of my life. In addition, I have been doing volunteer work with hundreds of non-profit organizations for the past 25 years. I spend much of my free time on a variety of creative projects including but not limited to painting, writing, sculpture, sewing, social media networking, and blogging; and consider myself a writer an artist, and a humanitarian. 


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    Express Jobs Erica Plesser
    Erica Plesser

    Director of First Impressions

    Erica was born and raised in the Capital Region. Growing up, she was the oldest of 6 kids and always had the responsibility of "setting the right example" for her siblings. Sometimes, that wasn't such a simple task.

    Erica chose to follow the "fun life" in high school, which led to not being able to graduate. However, she turned it into a positive and graduated from the Glenmont Job Corps Academy in 2003, with not only her GED, but a trade in Culinary Arts and Office Skills. She pursued her Office Skills trade and now has 13 years' experience in the Administrative Assistant role. She is the proud mom of 2 little boys and her life completely revolves around providing the best life possible for them. 

    Erica enjoys her position as the Front Office Coordinator. She loves being the first person that guests see when they walk through the door and providing that smile that everyone needs to see. She not only looks forward to being able to help people find a "job" but is hoping to be able to assist with turning that "job" into a career!  


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    Express Jobs Nicole Derucher
    Nicole Derucher

    Part Time Office Assistant

    I love what Express does, we change people's lives by finding them long term opportunities - finding our associates steady work is extremely rewarding when we hear from the associate how much they enjoy the job. I never realized how big of an impact it made, until I started working for Express.

    I have been in Customer Service for 30 years, from working in a call center to managing a staff of almost 30 employees - I get a sense of joy knowing we made a difference in someone's life.

    My goals is to stay with Express long term and assist in growing this business and helping people get to work all over the Capital Region.

    Some of my hobbies include reading, spending time with my family, having huge family gatherings at our home, cooking and baking, photography and of course, watching my husband play in a band, he is trained percussionist and is truly an amazing artist.


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    Express Jobs Misty

    Payroll Department

    Misty was Jordan's Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  Unfortunately, Misty died unexpectedly two days before Jordan opened Express Employment Professionals. Once we opened, we realized we needed a dedicated e-mail address for our clients to send payroll to. So in honor of Misty we used her name to create an e-mail address that will not go away.

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