• Associate Testimonials

    Denise Heimerl- Immediate job placement. 

    Carol Freer- Very personable Express Employment contacts, super managers at current assignment. 

    Chandra Fictum - Great experience overall.

    Lydia Hendrix- Express has been wonderful they gave a new start I'm very thankful to them. 

    Tony Metoxen- We work together as a team and we understand everything.  

    Anonymous - A few months ago, I was placed on a temporary assignment where I was treated like family. I was there until I found permanent work elsewhere. Years ago, Express placed me at a job where I got hired. Express is amazing at placing the right person for the right position. Professional, Friendly, and Down to Earth. I always recommend Express to anyone looking for work!

    Tracy Schott- Wonderful people and they worked hard to find a job that I was a good fit for, not just a job. 

    Anonymous – Kayla really worked with me to help me find employment . . . I feel she exceeded my expectations with helping me find work quickly and was also very encouraging.

    Linda Noble- Great company to work with. Awesome staff! 

    Anonymous - I love my job so much. . . it is an amazing company. Thank you, Express Employment Professionals!

    Timothy Bakken- Quick follow up. 

    Amy Wilmet- I've been through many employment agencies, and Express Employment is the only one that stands behind what they say. I have never had a bad experience with them. They fit you in a position that you like. They REALLY listen to their employees.  

    Carmen Bell- I feel Express has been one of the most professional companies along with the staff that I ever worked with.

  • Client Testimonials

    Suzanne Berkovitz (B & D Warehouse Inc.)- We received a great candidate and he is still working out.

    Katie Stark (AnSer Svc Inc.)- All great!

    Mike Potter (Pomp's Tire Services-GB )- I think that Express is doing the best job they can to fill our positions, some are very difficult to fill.

    Derek Swanson (Truck Equipment, Inc.)- Kathleen Blake does everything a good employee should do: contact, communicate, polite and thoughtful. 

    Stephanie Wachholz (Johnson & Wachholz)- They did not waste my time, they provided me with a very qualified candidate and have addressed any and all questions in a very timely manner.

    Kristin Jacobs (CASA of Brown County)- I was very impressed with Express Employment Professionals and their ability to find us the best candidate for a temporary position, who is now a valuable member of our team!

    Paul Keane (Viridiam)- Excellent communication and taking the time to listen.

    Carl Strehlow (Green Bay Decking)- I have had good dealings with Express. The only issue that we seem to have at times is finding strong candidates for any of the positions that I have had open. I use two other agencies along with Express and it seems at times all three agencies have difficulties finding candidates at times. I think that main reason is the amount of jobs that are out in the market.

    Dave Retzke (Dental City)- The local Express Employment staff is friendly and responsive to our needs. They are a first "go to" resource for outsourcing our staffing needs.

    Chris Nielson (Robinson Metal, Inc.)- Express found a candidate for a position that was a high need for our business. They had a great understanding of the need and found the right person in a short time.

    Kelly Janssen (Fabio Perini)- Express helps with way more than just staffing, they are able to help with salary survey data/training and coaching the employees/managers as well.

    Anonymous- Excellent service, happy to have used Express.

    Anonymous - We were provided a candidate that has far exceeded expectation and working with Express has been very easy.

    Anonymous - Barb Menne and Kim Sullivan have always been very prompt in supplying the talent we need to meet our fluctuating customer needs. The personnel have performed well and have above average attendance which is very important to us to meet customer needs. They are both very good to work with and I enjoy working with them.