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    When we search for professional candidates, we're looking for more than just a list of abilities. We're evaluating leadership skills, personal strengths, and background experiences. So, by the time you're ready to meet the top candidates, you won't be interviewing for qualifications. You'll be ready to select the person who best fits your team. 

    Professional Staffing
  • Greensboro’s Professional Staffing Firm

    Does your business need help finding talented and accredited workers for high-level positions? If so, our Professional Staffing program is the perfect fit. As a Certified Professional Staffing Franchise (CPSF), our staffing firm offers a range specialized services to help businesses in the Greensboro area find talented professionals in fields like accounting, engineering, and sales. We recruit from a deep and talented pool of professionals, then offer businesses a shortlist of candidates for their specific needs. Our approach improves your chances of finding the perfect fit for any given position and will help you avoid wasted time and cost overruns during the hiring process.

    Our Firm’s Professional Staffing Process

    At Express Greensboro, our professional staffing services help businesses fill high-level positions in a wide range of fields. We understand the importance of getting these positions right, and we work with businesses to ensure they find the best person for any job.

    Our staffing firm's approach starts with a detailed conversation between you and our staffing experts. We will take the time to understand your exact needs and concerns, along with who you feel would be the ideal candidate for your opening. Once we have that information, our staffing experts recruit from a wide pool of candidates. We use a two-pronged approach to recruitment, reviewing our existing pool of qualified candidates while casting a wide net to recruit other local workers who may fit your needs.

    With our initial list of candidates in place, our team reviews each individual candidate, carefully checking their resumes and credentials to narrow our list. Candidates who pass our initial review then receive detailed interviews and are subject to full background checks.

    Once our interviews are complete, our experts will create a shortlist of two to three top candidates. We will then coordinate interviews between these candidates and your team, giving you the chance to meet and interview candidates in person before making a final decision. This way, you will be able to hand-pick your choice from among the most qualified candidates.

    High-Level Staffing for Greensboro Businesses

    Our staffing firm offers professional staffing solutions for a range of different positions in fields like:

    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Engineering
    • Medical
    • IT
    • Human Resources

    We also offer a range of staffing placement options. Our professional staffing solutions include part-time and full-time placements, as well as temporary placements, evaluation hire and direct hire options. Our staffing firm’s professional staffing services are available to business in Greensboro, High Point, and throughout the surrounding communities.

    Learn more about how professional staffing helps businesses throughout the Greensboro area by calling our staffing firm today at (336) 282-7901.

  • Our search process includes:


    Initial Discussion

    First, we want to understand your company’s culture, establish the candidates’ specific requirements, desired qualities, and  discuss a strategy for filling your need.

    3p-lowCandidate Search 

    Next, we’ll review our existing contact database, as well as seek out passive candidates.

    3p-lowMatching Skills to Position 

    Once we’ve identified candidates who match the skills and experience the position requires, they will be thoroughly vetted.

    4p-lowReference Checks and Interviews

    Reference checks will be performed, as well as phone and in-person interviews.

    5p-lowCandidate Selection

    Only after our high standards of excellence have been met will we present our top candidates for your final decision.

  • Express SRG

  • We specialize in recruiting and placing higher-skilled professionals in a wide variety of industries, including:

    • Accounting and Finance
    • Engineering, Manufacturing, and Skilled Trades
    • Information Technology
    • Marketing, Advertising, and Creative
    • Human Resources
    • Legal

  • A different level of service.

    The Specialized Recruiting Group (SRG) is uniquely equipped to help you find the highly skilled talent your business needs.

    Specialized training

    Specialized Recruiting Group Franchisees invest in advanced training in the latest technologies and techniques designed to identify and recruit top-level candidates, which ensures they have the tools and resources to address a wider range of professional and highly specialized staffing requests.

    Dedicated recruiting specialist

    While most staffing firms are reactive to their clients’ needs, SRG offices take a proactive approach with a dedicated specialist who actively recruits new talent for our candidate database. That means we have qualified professionals ready to go to work when you need them.

    Ongoing support and development

    All Express offices are locally owned but backed by more than three decades of staffing and HR expertise through our international headquarters. As the job market evolves, so do we through a network of dedicated field consultants who help our owners maintain the highest level of professional staffing standards and expertise.

    Greater access to candidates

    Our specialized recruiting methodologies allow us to attract a level of talent our competitors can’t match. Because of our dedicated focus on highly specialized professionals, we not only seek out top talent, but they’re also seeking out Express.