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  • Howell Manufacturer Gratitude...
    We have been working with Express for more than 6 years now.  We had shied away from using employment agencies in the past due to a combination of a strong "make sales" approach followed by little effort in understanding our needs or the position's needs.  Express, and the team in Howell/Brighton, have been a breath of fresh air to work with.  There has been a demonstrated effort from the Express team to understand that we are not just looking for someone who possesses the right skills, but also has the right "fit."  Additionally, the team at Express recognizes that the people they place are just that, people, whom are experiencing a new role and a new company for the first time.  Express has always made every effort to treat and communicate with them in an open and straightforward way that gives them the best opportunity for success in their new role; not just placing them to make a sale. Express has been extremely responsive in their efforts when we have had immediate (emergency) project needs. Beyond this, the Express team has, on multiple occasions, taken the initiative to visit our organization in attempt to understand "us" and our product realization process beyond just a job description.  As a small business in a niche manufacturing space, we can't always find talent with a resume that explicitly lines up with the machines and products we operate and produce. Express's solution to this has been an openness to passively screen candidates and notify us when a worthwhile candidate is available.  While we may not have an opening on that date (and may pass 4 out of 5 times), having the opportunity to screen a qualified candidate has resulted in some unplanned hires of great candidates that may have never transpired had Express not passed along the information due to an opening not being specifically listed at the time.  In short, Express has worked diligently to understand our culture, our processes, and the skills that make an employee successful at our organization.  They are constantly overlaying this knowledge onto candidates to pick up on acute indicators in a candidate that suggest success in our organization.  The product of this is that Express effectively acts as an extension of ours in finding and placing individuals in positions that give the best chance of success to both our organization and the individual.             
    John P. ~ Howell Manufacturer

    Express Brighton Family...

    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the time I have been employed with Express Professionals.  Granted, it has not been a long time, but I would not have achieved so much with where I am now without your support and encouragement. I would like to take a minute to appreciate the staff of the Brighton office for doing such a remarkable job. My journey in this organization has been a tremendous part of where I am, and who I am today.
    It was my pleasure to work with extremely talented and competent team in your office, and I am confident that your team will keep doing a great job even after my departure, to other associates.  I would like to give my best wishes to everyone there at the office, as I bid you farewell.
    ~ Ian Mac

    Very friendly staff...

    Very friendly staff. They are easy to work with. 
    – Erin A

    Don’t even waste your time with the middle schooler’s...

    You hear bad things about employment agencies and their job placements, but then you go to Peggy at Express and realize the other agencies arent even in the same league. Its like comparing professional football to a bunch of middle schoolers. Peggy is the MVP of lining up great job offers! I had multiple interviews in the first couple days with amazing companies! I couldnt be happier with my experience. Call and tell them George sent you. Dont even waste your time with the middle schoolers! 
    – George

    Express was able to land me a job quickly...

    Express was able to land me a job quickly when I needed it and the staff has always been courteous and understanding. Within a very short time of me moving back out here I was able to get a job thanks to Peggy and the staff at Express. They were even able to help me find a night shift job, which I preferred. I would recommend this place to anybody who is in need of a job quickly. I seem to notice the one star reviews don’t really explain specific instances to back up their claims… perhaps they just don’t like to work, or maybe didn’t pass the drug test. 
    – Branden Mc.

    Awesome staff!!

    Awesome staff!! Very friendly and professional. Carrie smith helped me find the job I was after and also got me hired in there. I strongly recommend this employment agency. Thanks to carry and everyone at the Howell branch. 
    – Dustin Z

    Express is the best thing that ever happens to me!

    Express is the best thing that ever happens to me! They changed my life and now after just 3 months I am employed at the best job I have ever had. 
    – Cali C

    Welders Make More Sparks…

    Thank you for the opportunity to earn my way into (your client) as their direct employee. I have enjoyed working with Express Employment Professionals and if the need were to arise again would do so again. The treatment I have received from Express Employment Professionals has been very professional and very kind. Again than you for the opportunity. Welders make more sparks.
    – Rodney C.


     Normal Life…

    Thanks so much for all your help and support with me becoming a full time employee and being able to get back to a normal life. 
    – Charles E.

    Sincere Thanks …

    I want to sincerely thank you and everyone at Express for the opportunity to get hired in at [my current company]. If it wasn’t for you guys, I never would have found this job. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work for, thus I see myself staying here for the foreseeable future! Again, thank you! I will definitely be referring people in need of work to you guys! 
    – Eric B.

    Former Associate of the Month …

    I’d just like to thank all of you for last Friday. The guys really enjoyed giving me a hard time all day long, followed by a round of applause at the end of the night. But in all seriousness i do appreciate the recognition, and everything you and the staff at Express has done for me. Keep up the good work.
    – Bob W

    Thank you for helping …

    Thank you again so much for helping Tom get a job. It is just another testament to how you are helping people in the area receive employment. God bless ya.
    – Joe W.

    My Experience with Express …

    Let me tell you of my experience with Express Pros and the people that work there.The minute I walked into the office,I received a smile and warm hello. I felt immediately that they were there for me,and not the other way around. Chris directed me to Peggy,who completed all my applications and testing…quickly and thoroughly. Within two days I received my first assignment,a short term one.I related my reservations about a short term assignment,but I was assured that after that assignment was over,I would not be left waiting for another.They were true to their word,the day after that assignment ended I was working a new one.I have been there a year now,and was just recently hired there full time. I have only those of Express Pros to thank. Whenever I had a question or concern,never did they act like they didn’t have time for me. They answered my questions and addressed my concerns quickly,completely and always with a smile. If I ever find myself in need of employment in the future,my first call is going to be to Express Pros.
    – Brad P.

    Thank You …

    I want to say thank you to the express staff for being so friendly and courteous to me. You guys are proof that there are good people out there that want to help others find employment without making those seeking work beneath you.
    – Pat R.

    Dedicated & Caring …

    Express Employment Professionals is a group of dedicated, caring and skilled individuals that listen to the needs of an organization and act swiftly to present qualified candidates. Their recruiting efforts save time and money and allow management to remain focused on the objectives of the business. I highly recommend Express to anyone seeking to hire new employees.
    – Greater Flint Sports Medicine

    Perfect Fit …

    After looking on my own for almost a year, the staff at Express were able to find me a job that was the perfect fit for me! I am so grateful.
    – Stephanie P


    Express is Great …

    Express is the way to go to find employees. I like having the ability to “try before you buy” and evaluate employees before hiring them. This year, we’ve had some ups and downs and using Express we’ve been able to cover busy periods.‎

    Professional …

    I have utilized Express Employment for my staffing needs since March of 2008. I have found everyone on their staff to be organized, professional, friendly, and quick to respond to my requests. I am very pleased with their service and the quality of the employees they have provided to my company.