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    pam 10.22
    Pam Hannefey

    Business Development Specialist

    Pam joined the team as the Business Development Specialist in January 2020. She does awesome work building relationships with companies in the Hancock Co area and on the eastside of Indianapolis. If it's your first time talking with Express, you'll be talking to Pam! Pam relates to every company's struggles and challenges because she has been a small business owner. She is genuinely interested in learning about your business and how Express can save you time and frustration when hiring new associates. Pam LOVES to spend time with her husband, kids, grandkids, extended family and friends. Her hobbies include gardening, yoga, riding bikes, walking and camping. Beware: she has a wonderful sense of humor sprinkled liberally with orneriness. It makes her fit in seamlessly with this crazy team!


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    jen 10.22
    Jennifer Alley

    Employment Specialist (Greenfield/Hancock Co)

    Jennifer joined Express Employment Professionals as an Employment Specialist in 2005 and has been an integral part of helping to establish and grow the East side office ever since. Over the years, she has developed long-standing relationships with many of our light industrial clients, as well as helped to train internal staff on the day-to-day processes. Jennifer has a bachelor's degree in psychology and is an active member of her local church where she plays the piano and assists in management of the Praise and Worship team. "By working at Express, I feel that I'm making a difference in people's lives every day by opening opportunities for them to improve their lives."

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    Mickayla 10.22
    Mickayla Covey

    Employment Specialist (Skilled Trades)

    Mickayla joined the Express East team in June 2020 (it would've been February, but...COVID...). She loves to read health and fitness articles. Working out is her favorite hobby (though being an animal advocate is a close second!). "I am an over-achiever who is extremely personable. I love cracking jokes - hearing others laugh or seeing them smile warms my day." Mickayla is tenacious and thorough. Her clients and candidates enjoy working with her because of her responsiveness and her follow through. Her can-do approach and upbeat personality make her a true winner with the Indy East team!

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    Cydney 10.22
    Cydney Clouse

    Employment Specialist (Office Services/Light Industrial)

    Cydney joined the team in August 2020. She's already helped hundreds of people through the process so they can go to work. She's positive and funny, with a dash of mischief. Cydney is going for her BA in HR. She volunteers at the Humane Society ("I would snuggle a porcupine if I could") and has 2 rescues (Lumos and Albus). Her house is Slytherin, and her Patronus is an Otter. She's creative and enjoys photography and writing (she's had poems published in the Indiana Voice Journal). Cydney is a nerd who loves playing games, Nintendo Switch, and reading sappy young adult books. She hates - HATES - scary movies, but True Crime podcasts are her jam!

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    Alicia 10.22.20
    Alicia Ranney

    Administrative & Payroll Manager

    Alicia graduated from Purdue University with a major in psychology, an on-purpose minor in religious studies and an accidental minor in English. She worked at the West side Express for 7.5 years before taking a break to spend time with her kids. She joined the Express East team in May 2015. Operating more on the back end of the employment process, she uses her enthusiasm and people skills in her payroll and AR functions to bring employee and client satisfaction full-circle. She loves to sing very loudly (with 52-67% accuracy on lyrics), read anything fantasy/horror, and write children's books.

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    scott 10.22
    Scott Makinson


    Scott and Emily Makinson took ownership of the Indianapolis East office in 2009. Under their leadership, this office has seen tremendous growth, and an ever-expanding presence in the Indy East and Greenfield areas.  Scott graduated from the University of Oregon (go, Ducks!) and Emily is a graduate of Indiana University (go, Hoosiers!).  They met after being placed at the same company through a staffing agency.  Emily is a cheerleader, giving praise and uplifting the team.  Scott is a prankster, bringing levity and fun to the office. If you call Express and hear happy voices on the phone, it's owing to the Makinsons' continual efforts to support a healthy team atmosphere!


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