• Associates of the Month

    Maurice, Associate of the Month, Express Indy South
    Maurice, October 2022

    Repackaging Associate

    Join us in congratulating Maurice on Employee of the Month! 

    Maurice started working through our office in June at a local warehouse. 

    His supervisors have expressed appreciation for his hard work, attendance, and attitude. 

    When asked about his experience, Maurice said, "The opportunity with Express led me to a great company that trusts and believes in me. I'm able to show my work ethic and obviously, they appreciate me as well. THANK YOU!"

    Congrats, Maurice!

    Email Maurice, October 2022

    AOTM Whitney, Office Manager
    Whittney, September 2022

    Office Manager

    Associate of the Month! Congratulations, Whitney!

    After interviewing with Professional Recruiter  Janice Koester , Whitney started working as an Office Assistant in June and we've heard nothing but great feedback since. Her supervisor said, "Whitney is punctual and has a great attitude every day!"

    Whitney said, "It's been a good experience! Express placed me in a job that I could excel at. The company has been amazing and flexible."

    Thanks for everything, Whitney! 

    Email Whittney, September 2022

    Express Indy South Associate of the Month, Denevi
    Denevi, July 2022

    Office Assistant

    Join us in congratulating Denevi on Employee of the Month!

    Her supervisor said, "I just can't say enough good things, honestly! She is very friendly around the office and gets along well with all of our staff. She is great with customers on the phone - very professional, yet friendly and relaxed. She's also very organized, a fast learner, and efficient in everything we ask of her. I truly could go on and on."

    When asked about working with Express and her new employer, Denevi said, "My experience has been incredible. Everyone was very helpful and sweet. I will definitely recommend my friends and family. I appreciate the kindness!"

    Thanks for going above & beyond, Denevi! We appreciate all your hard work.

    Email Denevi, July 2022

    Employee of the Month - Heder
    Heder, June 2022

    Terminal Operator

    Join us in congratulating Heder on Employee of the Month!

    Heder started working through Express in May at a local manufacturer and we've received nothing but great feedback since he started! His supervisor expressed his appreciation for his hard work and they're very excited to hire him on soon.

    Heder said, "My experience with Express has been great since day one! My employer was the type of work I have been looking for and I enjoy that it keeps me busy. Thanks Express!"

    Thanks for going above and beyond! 

    Email Heder, June 2022

    Tina Employee of the Month for Express Indy South
    Tina, April 2022

    Administrative Assistant

    Join us in congratulating Tina on Employee Of The Month! ✨

    Her supervisor said, "In the short time Tina has been with us, she has proven herself to be an asset with our company. Her past work experience has enabled her to quickly comprehend our business and billing practices in a manner we have not previously experienced. She quickly picks up on customer needs, and confidently handles their initial inquiries. I, personally, feel a sense of relief in knowing Tina is capable of handling the unique challenges which can present in our industry."

    Tina said, "At first I was hesitant to take a position through a staffing agency. However, I accepted my current position, and the match is perfect!! Express found my permanent employer and I can't thank them enough!"

    Thanks for going above and beyond! We appreciate all your hard work.

    Email Tina, April 2022

    Lora AOTM Office Services Feb 22
    Lora, February 2022

    Customer Service Representative

    Lora interviewed with our Office Services & Professional division and two weeks later, she started as a Customer Service Representative for a local company.

    Lora's supervisor said, "She's here every day, on time, and works very hard! She even started taking on additional accounts for us as well. She strives to do a great job and takes pride in her work."

    When asked about her experience, Lora said, "This experience has been great. Express linked me with my new employer and I love my job. Everyone here is so easy to work with and it feels more like family than coworkers. Thank you, Express!"

    Congratulations, Lora! Keep up the great work and congratulations on getting hired on this week.

    Email Lora, February 2022

    Curtis, AOTM, Interstate
    Curtis, January 2022

    Freezer Warehouse Forklift Operator

    Congratulations to Curtis on winning Associate of the Month at Express and Trainee of the Month at his new job!

    When asked about his experience with Express, Curtis said, "Express and my current employer both do an excellent job of valuing their employees with good work, good pay, recognition for hard work, along with job advancement opportunities!"


    Email Curtis, January 2022

    Jacob Smith, Radwell AOTM
    Jacob, December 2021

    Electronics Technician

    Jacob interviewed with our Specialized Recruiting Group and within 2 weeks, he accepted a direct-hire opportunity as an Electronics Technician.  

    When asked about his experience, Jacob said, "I am glad Express Employment got me in touch with Radwell. I am really enjoying the job and I wasn't aware I could get in this line of work with my degree path."

    Congratulations, Jacob! Keep up the great work and thanks for choosing Express to help with your job search.

    Email Jacob, December 2021

    Brittany Blank Associate of the Month
    Brittany, November 2021

    Administrative Assistant

    Meet Brittany ~ Our Associate of the Month!

    In August, Brittany started working through our office as an Administrative Assistant for a local company. The company shared, "Brittney is a fast learner, very dependable, and a go-getter! She is such a strong fit with our company and we love working with her."

    When asked about her experience, she said, "I have had the most enjoyable experience working with Express. They are personable, efficient, and overall a great experience. They found a perfect fit with my new job and I love coming to work every day."

    Congrats on the job, Brittany! Thanks for going above and beyond. 

    Email Brittany, November 2021

    AOTM Monica Office Services
    Monica, October 2021

    Administrative Assistant, Front Office Assistant

    Associate of the Month! Meet Monica. 

    Monica's supervisor said, "We couldn't be happier! She is fitting in quite well and from what I'm hearing, she is doing a great job for us." When we asked if there was anything else we could help with, they said "Perhaps a clone." 

    Congratulations, Monica! Thanks for going above and beyond. 

    Email Monica, October 2021

    Mackenzie AOTM - Office Services in Greenwood
    Mackenzie, September 2021

    Clerical Scanner

    Associate of the Month ~ Meet Mackenzie! 

    Mackenzie said, "Working with Express has been such a pleasant experience. Janice has always stayed in close contact with me and really listened to my needs when finding a new job. I went from a 2-week temp position to being a direct hire so I am extremely happy Janice told me about the opportunity and encouraged me along the way. Thanks, Express!"

    Her supervisors said, "Mackenzie is a go-getter and quickly jumped in to help with minimal training. She is great with patients and they adore her warm personality. She takes constructive feedback and strives to better herself and our office processes. She has a strong work ethic, dependable, and is an asset to our team."

    Email Mackenzie, September 2021

    Uriah AOTM 2021 Landscaper
    Uriah, August 2021


    Uriah is currently working as a Landscaper with a company in Johnson County.

    He said, "Express worked with me and helped me establish myself in a brand new area after I moved to Indy! Express and my new employer have both been understanding through covid along with helping me succeed, time and time again."

    Congratulations, Uriah! Thanks for going above & beyond.

    Email Uriah, August 2021

    Alisha, AOTM 2021
    Alisha, July 2021

    Customer Service Representative

    Congratulations to Alisha on winning Associate of the Month. 

    Her supervisors have been super grateful to have her on their team. 

    Alisha said, "My experience with both companies has been amazing. Express and my current employer both have great people working for them! I love my job and the experience I am having!"

    Thanks for going and beyond, Alisha! 

    Email Alisha, July 2021

    Kyle R, Shop Assistant, AOTM at Express Indy South
    Kyle, June 2021

    Shop Assistant

    Kyle said, "Express went above and beyond to match me with a great company and to ensure I was happy. I love my career and I hope to stay here for a long time. My supervisors at work are so warm and welcoming. I cannot be thankful enough for Express and my new employer." 

    Congratulations, Kyle! Thank you for going above & beyond.

    Email Kyle, June 2021

    2021 AOTM Letchumanan at Express Indy South
    Letchumanan, May 2021

    Fulfillment Clerk

    His supervisor said, "Letchumanan has great attendance, a great attitude, and great performance."

    When asked about his new job and his experience with Express, he said, "The Express staff helped me find a job at a great place to work at that is close to my house. I have fun all the time when I go to work there and I really appreciate Express getting me a job. Thank you!!"

    Thanks for going above & beyond, Letchumanan.

    Email Letchumanan, May 2021

    AOTM Patty Office Services at Express Indy South
    Patty, April 2021

    Administrative Assistant

    Patty's boss said, "Patty is a very dependable employee who always arrives on time each morning with a great attitude. She is eager to help with anything that needs to be done and always wants to learn. Patty has been a pleasant addition to our team!"

    When asked about her new job and her experience with Express, she said, "I love it here and I look forward to becoming a full-time, permanent employee. Angie has been awesome and Janice too. Thank you!"

    Email Patty, April 2021

    AOTM Luke Express Indy South
    Luke, March 2020

    Shipping & Receiving Clerk

    When asked about his job, Luke said, "Working with Express has been a really positive experience and I enjoy my new job. It's fast-paced, fun, and a very friendly environment."

    Luke's supervisors said, "We are very impressed by his work ethic and positive attitude. He's picked up more hours, asked if he could come in early to help out, and is constantly asking questions to learn more."

    Email Luke, March 2020

    AOTM Linda Office Services
    Linda, February 2021

    Statement Clerk

    Linda's supervisors said she has a positive attitude, a great work ethic, and is always reliable.

    When asked about her experience with Express, she said, "I love working for Express! I am very appreciative of how hard Angie works for me to ensure the best job fit. Thank you so much."

    Email Linda, February 2021

    AOTM Dianna
    Dianna, January 2020

    Call Center/Customer Service Representative

    When asked about her experience with Express, she said, "Angie and Janice at Express helped me find a position that's been a great fit. The people at my new job are very welcoming and helpful. I look forward to a long career with this family."

    Dianna's supervisor said, "Her attendance is impeccable. During training, she took her training papers home to laminate them. When other trainees saw her papers, she took it upon herself to laminate theirs as well."

    Email Dianna, January 2020

    AOTM Daniel Roach
    Daniel, December 2020

    Purchasing Expeditor

    Congratulations to Daniel on winning Associate of the Month!

    When asked about his experience with Express, Daniel said, "I am very happy with how hard Express, Connie, and especially Angie worked to get me employed. I owe them more thanks than what is possible to give! They helped get me a job with a great company and I truly hope to have a fulfilling career here. My manager Randy is another I would like to thank immensely."

    Email Daniel, December 2020

    Scott AOTM
    Scott, November 2020

    Skilled Fabrication Assistant

    Congratulations to Scott on winning Associate of the Month!

    Scott said, "My time with Express Indy South has been great. Everyone has been very pleasant and friendly. My new job is exciting and a bunch of good people work there."

    Thanks for going above and beyond, Scott! We appreciate all of your hard work. 


    Email Scott, November 2020

    Tionda AOTM Greenwood Indiana
    Tionda, October 2020

    Tugger Operator

    Congratulations to Tionda on winning Express Indy South's Associate of the Month!

    When asked about her experience with Express and her new employer, Tionda said, "Express was very easy to work with, even with COVID-19 making just living life daily hard. My new job is at a great company to work for too! Both companies helped life get that much easier for me."

    Email Tionda, October 2020