• Associates of the Month

    Indy South Associate of the Month
    Monica, July 2021

    Administrative Assistant, Front Office Assistant

    Associate of the Month! Meet Monica. 

    Monica's supervisor said, "We couldn't be happier! She is fitting in quite well and from what I'm hearing, she is doing a great job for us." When we asked if there was anything else we could help with, they said "Perhaps a clone." 

    Congratulations, Monica! Thanks for going above and beyond. 

    Email Monica, July 2021

    Mackenzie AOTM June 2021
    Mackenzie, June 2021

    Clerical Scanner

    Associate of the Month ~ Meet Mackenzie! 

    Mackenzie said, "Working with Express has been such a pleasant experience. Janice has always stayed in close contact with me and really listened to my needs when finding a new job. I went from a 2-week temp position to being a direct hire so I am extremely happy Janice told me about the opportunity and encouraged me along the way. Thanks, Express!"

    Her supervisors said, "Mackenzie is a go-getter and quickly jumped in to help with minimal training. She is great with patients and they adore her warm personality. She takes constructive feedback and strives to better herself and our office processes. She has a strong work ethic, dependable, and is an asset to our team."

    Email Mackenzie, June 2021

    Uriah, May 2021 AOTM
    Uriah, May 2021


    Uriah is currently working as a Landscaper with a company in Johnson County.

    He said, "Express worked with me and helped me establish myself in a brand new area after I moved to Indy! Express and my new employer have both been understanding through covid along with helping me succeed, time and time again."

    Congratulations, Uriah! Thanks for going above & beyond.

    Email Uriah, May 2021

    Alisha, AOTM April 2021
    Alisha, April 2021

    Customer Service Representative

    Congratulations to Alisha on winning Associate of the Month for April. 

    Her supervisors have been super grateful to have her on their team. 

    Alisha said, "My experience with both companies has been amazing. Express and my current employer both have great people working for them! I love my job and the experience I am having!"

    Thanks for going and beyond, Alisha! 

    Email Alisha, April 2021

    Kyle, March 2021 AOTM
    Kyle, March 2021

    Shop Assistant

    Kyle said, "Express went above and beyond to match me with a great company and to ensure I was happy. I love my career and I hope to stay here for a long time. My supervisors at work are so warm and welcoming. I cannot be thankful enough for Express and my new employer." 

    Congratulations, Kyle! Thank you for going above & beyond.

    Email Kyle, March 2021

    Feb 2021, Letchumanan AOTM
    Letchumanan, February 2021

    Fulfillment Clerk

    His supervisor said, "Letchumanan has great attendance, a great attitude, and great performance."

    When asked about his new job and his experience with Express, he said, "The Express staff helped me find a job at a great place to work at that is close to my house. I have fun all the time when I go to work there and I really appreciate Express getting me a job. Thank you!!"

    Thanks for going above & beyond, Letchumanan.

    Email Letchumanan, February 2021

    Patty AOTM January 21
    Patty, January 2021

    Administrative Assistant

    Patty's boss said, "Patty is a very dependable employee who always arrives on time each morning with a great attitude. She is eager to help with anything that needs to be done and always wants to learn. Patty has been a pleasant addition to our team!"

    When asked about her new job and her experience with Express, she said, "I love it here and I look forward to becoming a full-time, permanent employee. Angie has been awesome and Janice too. Thank you!"

    Email Patty, January 2021

    December AOTM Linda!
    Linda, December 2020

    Statement Clerk

    Linda's supervisors said she has a positive attitude, a great work ethic, and is always reliable.

    When asked about her experience with Express, she said, "I love working for Express! I am very appreciative of how hard Angie works for me to ensure the best job fit. Thank you so much."

    Email Linda, December 2020

    November AOTM, LUKE
    Luke, November 2020

    Shipping & Receiving Clerk

    When asked about his job, Luke said, "Working with Express has been a really positive experience and I enjoy my new job. It's fast-paced, fun, and a very friendly environment."

    Luke's supervisors said, "We are very impressed by his work ethic and positive attitude. He's picked up more hours, asked if he could come in early to help out, and is constantly asking questions to learn more."

    Email Luke, November 2020

    Dianna October 2020 AOTM
    Dianna, October 2020

    Call Center/Customer Service Representative

    When asked about her experience with Express, she said, "Angie and Janice at Express helped me find a position that's been a great fit. The people at my new job are very welcoming and helpful. I look forward to a long career with this family."

    Dianna's supervisor said, "Her attendance is impeccable. During training, she took her training papers home to laminate them. When other trainees saw her papers, she took it upon herself to laminate theirs as well."

    Email Dianna, October 2020

    Daniel Roach AOTM August
    Daniel, September 2020

    Purchasing Expeditor

    Congratulations to Daniel on winning Associate of the Month!

    When asked about his experience with Express, Daniel said, "I am very happy with how hard Express, Connie, and especially Angie worked to get me employed. I owe them more thanks than what is possible to give! They helped get me a job with a great company and I truly hope to have a fulfilling career here. My manager Randy is another I would like to thank immensely."

    Email Daniel, September 2020

    Scott I, July 2020 AOTM
    Scott, August 2020

    Skilled Fabrication Assistant

    Congratulations to Scott on winning Associate of the Month for July!

    Scott said, "My time with Express Indy South has been great. Everyone has been very pleasant and friendly. My new job is exciting and a bunch of good people work there."

    Thanks for going above and beyond, Scott! We appreciate all of your hard work. 


    Email Scott, August 2020

    June 2020, AOTM, Tionda
    Tionda, July 2020

    Tugger Operator

    Congratulations to Tionda on winning Express Indy South's Associate of the Month for June!

    When asked about her experience with Express and her new employer, Tionda said, "Express was very easy to work with, even with COVID-19 making just living life daily hard. My new job is at a great company to work for too! Both companies helped life get that much easier for me."

    Email Tionda, July 2020

    Feb AOTM, William, 2020
    William, January 2020

    Train Driver

    Join us in congratulating William on winning our Associate of the Month!

    When asked about his experience with Express Indy South and his job at the Greenwood mall, William said, "I have enjoyed working with Express - all of the staff is awesome. They always find the job that suits you. A few days after submitting my application, Angie called and said, "I've got a job just for you!" And she was right! I now drive the train in the Greenwood Mall and the people here are like family. I could go on and on about so many. I want to thank you for this award. It means a lot to me."


    Email William, January 2020

    Curtis, AOTM, Interstate
    Curtis, December 2019

    Freezer Warehouse Forklift Operator

    Congratulations to Curtis on winning Associate of the Month at Express and Trainee of the Month at his new job!

    When asked about his experience with Express, Curtis said, "Express and my current employer both do an excellent job of valuing their employees with good work, good pay, recognition for hard work, along with job advancement opportunities!"


    Email Curtis, December 2019

    Tawanda, Associate of the Month, Direct Shot
    Tawanda, November 2019

    3rd Shift Supervisor

    In June, Tawanda started as a 3rd Shift Warehouse Associate through Express Indy South.

    "I walked in on a Thursday and was starting my job by Tuesday. The staff was very helpful, friendly, and made themselves available."

    Four months later, the warehouse hires her on and then shortly after promotes her to be a 3rd Shift Supervisor.

    When asked about her experience with Express and Direct Shot, Tawanda said, "The people are great to work with! There's an opportunity to advance quickly and the diverse work culture is a plus."

    Email Tawanda, November 2019

    Daryl, Associate of the Month, Marketing Manager
    Daryl, October 2019

    Field Marketing Manager

    Daryl called into our office in June looking for something administrative related. He was unsatisfied with his current job and within three weeks our professional recruiter found him a new career. Three months later, the client hires him on and promotes him to Field Marketing Manager!

    When asked about his experience with Express Indy South, Daryl said, "Without a doubt one of the best decisions I ever made. In today's work environment, trying to find fulfilling and rewarding employment is a huge challenge. I was in a dead-end job and knew that it was going nowhere. I have a bachelor's degree and wanted to use it for once in my career. After working with Angie Petrow at Express in Greenwood, I witnessed how easy it is to get out of a dead-end job and into something long term. I am so appreciative of the work that Angie put forth. Without her, I wouldn't be in marketing management at the best company I have ever worked for."

    Email Daryl, October 2019

    Joseph, Associate of the Month, Direct Shot
    Joseph, July 2019

    Receiving Clerk

    Joseph reached out to Express Indy South at the end of May and less than a week later he was offered a job at Direct Shot Distributing. After two months of going above and beyond, Direct Shot promoted him to Receiving Clerk!

    When asked about his experience, Joseph said, "Express has been very professional and I appreciate how quickly I was placed with a job. I have enjoyed my time at Direct Shot!"

    Email Joseph, July 2019

    Trudy, Associate of the Month
    Trudy, June 2019

    Residential Cook & Housekeeping Aide

    Congratulations to Trudy on being chosen as June's Associate of the Month! 

    Trudy's boss said, "Trudy is always an on-time, efficient employee but the best thing about Trudy is that she truly loves our residents and always has their best interest at heart. She understands the special needs that come with aging and does her part to make our home a loving and caring community." 

    Email Trudy, June 2019

    Alicia, Associate of the Month
    Alicia, May 2019

    Medical Accounts Receivable Specialist

    Congratulations to Alicia on being chosen as Associate of the Month!

    Her boss said, "Alicia has an excellent work ethic, perfect attendance, and stellar initiative." 

    When asked about Express, Alicia said, "They were thorough and friendly. All over a great experience!" 

    Email Alicia, May 2019

    Sharron, Aldi, Associate of the Month
    Sharron, April 2019

    Office Assistant

    Sharron said, "I had never used an employment agency before but I would recommend Express Pros to anyone who is looking for employment!"

    Her boss said, "Sharron's been a wonderful addition to our office team. She always has such a positive attitude and outlook on everything! She sets the right tone for any guests or customers that are calling or visiting the building and has solidified herself as the face of our office!"

    Email Sharron, April 2019

    Anthony, CTP, Associate of the Month
    Anthony, February 2019

    Packing Associate

    When asked about Express Indy South, Anthony said, "My experience has been awesome! Wonderful staff! Express is willing to go above and beyond to help you find a job that fits your abilities."

    Email Anthony, February 2019

    Anthony Turned Resized
    Anthony, January 2019

    Customer Service Representative

    Seven months ago, Anthony called us on a Tuesday afternoon and we scheduled him in for an interview the next morning. During the interview, Anthony explained "I just want to try out a new field." The next morning, he started at Direct Shot and the rest is history. 

    Less than a month later, his supervisor reached out to say, "In the short couple weeks Anthony has been here, I am very pleased and excited about his work ethic and how he has adapted to our company. Several of our full-time peers speak highly about him too!" 

    To no surprise, Anthony went on to win Express Indy South's December Associate of the Month. 

    Next, Direct Shot hired Anthony on, he continued to be dependable and adaptable, and is now being promoted to Customer Service Representative! 

    When asked about his promotion, Anthony said, "Express gave me the opportunity to show my skills, gave me a job assignment, I got hired on, and now I'm being promoted!" Anthony added, "Direct Shot has been an amazing experience. They've recognized my potential over and over and gave me an opportunity to utilize my skills." 

    Join us in congratulating Anthony on all of his hard work and success! 

    Email Anthony, January 2019

    Debra, July 2018
    Debra, July 2018

    Commercial Associate

    "From day 1 my experience with Express has been a great one. Everyone has treated me with respect and made me feel special. At my old age you would think I would get put on the "back burner" to say. But not Express. Always up beat and happy to help me. Thanks for everything. Great place to work!!!"

    Debra's supervisor had great things to say about her. "Deb comes to work each day. She helps in any capacity that is needed. She adapts well with her work and works well with her peers. She has a great personality and is a joy to work with."

    Congrats, Debra! Keep up the excellent work!

    Email Debra, July 2018

    Jenny, June 2018

    Commercial Associate

    Jenny has been in her current position since late June and has already earned a job title change and has been given more responsibility! Her supervisors have had nothing but positive things to say about her.

    Thank you, Jenny for representing Express in such a positive way. Keep up the hard work!

    Email Jenny, June 2018

    Larita, May 2018

    Administrative Associate

    "I have worked with the Greenwood Express Team for approximately six months. From day one the Express staff were professional and warm. Express Employment Professionals made it their business to find me a position. This group gets it. They value their associates and what we bring to the table. Thank you." Larita's supervisor also spoke very highly of Larita's attitude and work ethic!

    Congrats, Larita! Thank you for working hard!


    Email Larita, May 2018

    Carol April 2018
    Carol, April 2018

    Administrative Associate

    "There were several ups and downs, but in the end Express Employment came through. Just like a best friend, Shelby never gave up on me. Express restored my belief in myself and helped me be a better person. They helped me find the job that feels like home." Carol's supervisors also raved about Carol and her work ethic, "very timely, respectful to her team, asks lots of good questions, and extremely professionals."

    Congrats, Carol! We appreciate you. Keep up the good work! 


    Email Carol, April 2018

    Ed, March 2018
    Ed, March 2018

    Commercial Associate

    "This is my first experience with Express Employment. Angie and staff found me a full time position in 3 weeks. All of the staff at Express are professional and pleasant to work with. I would recommend Express to all who are looking for a position and a positive experience." Ed's Supervisor as well as the Owner of the company have raved about Ed! "He comes in every morning with a smile on his face, does his work quickly and efficiently, and then makes sure to clean up at the end of the day and sometimes even chips in to help those nearby", said his Supervisor. "His workmanship and attitude are excellent... he is probably the best associate you have every supplied to us... we look forward to working with him for a long time", said the Owner of the company! 

    Congrats, Ed! Great job and keep up the excellent work! 


    Email Ed, March 2018

    Margaret Feb 2018
    Margaret, February 2018

    Professional Associate

    "They are very helpful in finding work. They listen to what you want & find the right fit." Margaret's supervisor also mentioned this about Margaret, "She goes above and beyond what is required... she even picks up work items to and from places on her way outside of work!" 

    Congrats, Margaret! Keep up the excellent work! 


    Email Margaret, February 2018

    Ashley T. Jan 2018
    Ashley, January 2018

    Skilled Trades Associate

    "Express is wonderful to work with. I'm very grateful for the door they opened for me. I am proud that I could work as hard for them as they did for me. I will continue doing my best for the client, as I had done for Express. I would like to thank Ashley Hammersley for really listening to my requests in what I was looking for in a career. It made a difference. She made a difference in my life. I am happy. Thank you. Earn your own living. In this you will earn respect and will not have to depend on anyone for what you need."

    Congrats, Ashley and keep up the hard work! 


    Email Ashley, January 2018

    Tina Meek
    Tina, December 2017

    Administrative Associate

    "Express was very professional and listened to what I needed. I would recommend them to anyone needing temporary employment!" Tina's supervisor also had several positive things to say about her! 

    Congrats, Tina! Keep working hard! 


    Email Tina, December 2017

    Forest, Nov 2017
    Forest, November 2017

    Commercial Associate

    Forest said that he has loved his experience at Express! Not to mention, Forest's supervisor said several positive things about Forest! She mentioned that he is always willing to help, gets along really well with everyone he works with, and is an excellent team player! 

    Congrats, Forest and keep up the hard work! 


    Email Forest, November 2017

    Tyler, July 2017

    Commercial Associate

    Tyler's supervisor said he is a very dedicated and hard working individual. He not only claimed the title of Employee of the Month for Express, he was also announced as Employee of the Month for the client!

    Congrats, Tyler!

    Email Tyler, July 2017

    Jason, June 2017
    Jason, June 2017

    Commercial Associate

    "They're a great company to work for. The price of success is hard-work." Jason's supervisor had great things to say about him! He mentioned that Jason is always ready to help wherever it is needed.

    Congratulations, Jason!

    Email Jason, June 2017

    Teresa, May 2017
    Teresa, May 2017

    Administrative Associate

    "I really appreciate the effort Express has put into their employees! I have worked for past temporary services and never received the praise or attention you have shown me!! I am also so grateful for this employment opportunity, hands down a great company, and I owe that to you - thank you for placing me here!! I am looking forward to a long stay at this employer."

    Congratulations, Teresa!

    Email Teresa, May 2017

    Ivan, April 2017
    Ivan, April 2017

    Commercial Associate

    Ivan's supervisor has great things to say about him, "Ivan is a no brainer for me. He came in and immediately made an impact on 5th shift. He was hitting rate his 4th week and has averaged 17 lines per hour ever since. Ivan likes to call and volunteer for extra hours on 2nd and 3rd shift which is beneficial for obvious reasons. I'm very hopeful he will get hired when his time comes."

    Congratulations, Ivan!

    Email Ivan, April 2017

    Irma, April 2017
    Irma, April 2017

    Commercial Associate

    "Express is the best place to work. The people are so nice and friendly. My supervisor, my team leader, and my coworkers are the best. Thank you Express Employment, you guys are the best!"

    Congrats, Irma!

    Email Irma, April 2017