• Associate of the Month

    Ashley T. Jan 2018
    Ashley, January 2018

    "Express is wonderful to work with. I'm very grateful for the door they opened for me. I am proud that I could work as hard for them as they did for me. I will continue doing my best for the client, as I had done for Express. I would like to thank Ashley Hammersley for really listening to my requests in what I was looking for in a career. It made a difference. She made a difference in my life. I am happy. Thank you. Earn your own living. In this you will earn respect and will not have to depend on anyone for what you need."

    Congrats, Ashley and keep up the hard work! 


    Tina Meek

    Tina, December 2017

    "Express was very professional and listened to what I needed. I would recommend them to anyone needing temporary employment!" Tina's supervisor also had several positive things to say about her! 

    Congrats, Tina! Keep working hard! 

    Forest, Nov 2017

    Forest, November 2017 

    Forest is our most recent Associate of the Month! Forest said that he has loved his experience at Express! Not to mention, Forest's supervisor said several positive things about Forest! She mentioned that he is always willing to help, gets along really well with everyone he works with, and is an excellent team player! 

    Congrats, Forest and keep up the hard work! 

    SilhouetteTyler, July 2017

    Tyler's supervisor said he is a very dedicated and hard working individual. He not only claimed the title of Employee of the Month for Express, he was also announced as Employee of the Month for the client!

    Congrats, Tyler!

    Jason, June 2017

    Jason, June 2017

    "They're a great company to work for. The price of success is hard-work." Jason;s supervisor had great things to say about him! He mentioned that Jason is always ready to help wherever it is needed.

    Congratulations, Jason!

    Teresa, May 2017

    Teresa, May 2017

    "I really appreciate the effort Express has put into their employees! I have worked for past temporary services and never received the praise or attention you have shown me!! I am also so grateful for this employment opportunity, hands down a great company, and I owe that to you - thank you for placing me here!! I am looking forward to a long stay at this employer."

    Congratulations, Teresa!

    Ivan, April 2017

    Ivan, April 2017

    Ivan's supervisor has great things to say about him, "Ivan is a no brainer for me. He came in and immediately made an impact on 5th shift. He was hitting rate his 4th week and has averaged 17 lines per hour ever since. Ivan likes to call and volunteer for extra hours on 2nd and 3rd shift which is beneficial for obvious reasons. I'm very hopeful he will get hired when his time comes."

    Congratulations, Ivan!

    Irma, April 2017

    Irma, April 2017

    "Express is the best place to work. The people are so nice and friendly. My supervisor, my team leader, and my coworkers are the best. Thank you Express Employment, you guys are the best!"

    Congrats, Irma!