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  • "Staff was friendly and prompt with all communication. Great staff; I receive responses back very quickly. They are always welcoming and helped find me a job I love! Great experience overall" 

    – Customer Service Representative


    "I was pleased with the quick placement and good communications I received from Express." 

    – Administrative Assistant

    "Express Employment is one of the best staffing agencies to work with. After meeting with Erika, she had me out on an interview a week later, and I was offered the job the same day. They are excellent with matching up their candidates with new opportunities that fit your experience and background. I am currently working on a temp to hire assignment with them and I love the company I was placed at. If you are in the market for a new a career I highly recommend working with Erika at the Express Employment office in Libertyville." 

    – Carlin

    "I’ve had a wonderful experience with Express and they placed me with a family-owned company who is hiring me on. I’m very happy with this company and Express!" 

    – Customer Service

    "I love the people in the office because they treat you with respect" 

    – Maintenance Worker

    "I was always treated very well by the staff. All calls and questions answered in a timely manner." 

    – Accounts Payable Clerk

    "I've had a great experience with Express! I was interviewed by Erika shortly after getting in contact with them. She had some positions lined up right away. She was very helpful and and involved in finding a job I would enjoy. It was within a few weeks that I interviewed and started a new position! I highly recommend Express. Everyone has very friendly and helpful throughout." 

    – Zach 

    "A very professional team at this office. They are responsive, perceptive, insightful, business savvy and solution drive. Really I mean it!"  

    – Shipping / Receiving Clerk


    "Express Pros was the only place that was able to follow through with their word. I worked with Erika and she was able to help me get a job in a new field with not much experience. The staff was super nice and respectful towards what I wanted. I highly recommend express pros if you are looking for work!" 

    – Joshua

    "I am very happy with my experience with Express. Erika was able to find a job for me that met all of my requirements. She is very nice to deal with. I would recommend this agency to anyone who is looking for employment." 

    – Natasha

    "Very professional staff, from the front desk coordinator to the staffing consultant. Prompt responses from all the staff when I had any questions. Never had any issues with payroll. They also placed me very quickly after interviewing." 

    – Kyle

    "My real name is Jason C. and I just had to post and boast about what a wonderful agency Express is to work for! I had landed a couple of jobs through Express. Unfortunately neither panned out, but Express never gave up on me and I never gave up on them. Now I work for an awesome manufacturing company, and not only that, it was a DIRECT HIRE!!! As I said in an earlier review, if you wanna work, they'll get you work, so if you're struggling with other temp agencies, get on over to Express Pros because they are the best, no wait, THE ABSOLUTE BEST at what they do!!!!"

    – Jason

    "I was working with Erika at Express and because of all of her hard work I am now employed and working towards my family goals. My experience with her was amazing and the whole process was done and confirmed in one week! I would recommend that anybody who is looking for the next step in their career to take the time out and go visit these wonderful ladies! You will only benefit yourself! Thank you Express!" 

    – Donna

    "The staff at Express Employment were extremely helpful! Everyone was very kind, professional and tended to my needs. They were able to match me quickly with a job that fit my pay expectations, hours desired and work requirements. Erika especially is amazing! She followed up frequently with me and helped me throughout the entire experience. To any one with doubts or who is hesitant, I would highly recommend Express Employment since they provide a personalized and efficient service to assist with your job search."

    – Emi

    "Great staff and great opportunity. Very nice and they work fast and effectively to help you in employment needs." 

    – Ryan

    "For 8 months I was struggling in the job department. Finally in December of 2015 a friend told me about Express. From day one, my experience with Express has been amazing. I had an interview with Erika, and the very same day I was sent to interview for a mortgage company. Here I am, not even 4 months later, hired in as a permanent employee, making more money than I ever thought I would. If it wasn't for Express I never would have even had an opportunity as great as this one. Erika did a great job at highlighting all of my skill sets, and making me come across better than I ever would have myself. I would highly recommend express for anyone who is looking for a job!" 

    - Christiana

    "I would recommend Ellie Dolan to anyone needing an extra hand when looking for jobs. Go to her, she's really nice. Thanks again Ellie for your help and for taking your time to find a job for me." 

    - Chaina

    "I would highly recommend the Libertyville location. Erika was very helpful and friendly. She quickly helped me find a job that matched my interests. She understands, first hand, how difficult it is to obtain a job straight out of college and really wants to help anyone find a job they will enjoy." 

    - Yazmin 

    "This Libertyville location is phenomenal! I'm very impressed with Erika & her team, she finds the right type of employment you're looking for but also gives you honest tips that will help you succeed!!" 

    - Gisell

    "I had never used a temp agency before and wasn't sure how the process worked. The team at Express helped me through all the particulars and took care of finding summer work (as I work inside the school system).
    I am currently filling out paperwork to begin my job this week. I appreciate their professionalism and efforts in finding me temporary work!" 

    - Douglas

    "I have been working with Erika at Express for almost a year now and have enjoyed her professionalism and interest in helping me find assignments that fit my skill sets and personal requirements. The staff as a whole is kind and helpful, and after experiencing many other agencies and lack of interest, I would not hesitate to recommend Express to a friend. Highly rated!"

     - Samantha

    "I have nothing but great things to say about Express Employment Professionals. As soon as I applied, I was contacted right away and had more than one job offer to choose from. All the employees were extremely sweet and helpful. I had the opportunity to meet with Erika Waehler specifically, who helped me immediately in finding a job that fit my educational background. In less than a week I was hired directly! I highly recommend Express Employment Professionals, they will make your job search a pleasant one!" 

    - Daniela

    "Express is great! They worked with me to help me find a job that I love. All the girls in the office are helpful, friendly, and always readily available to answer any questions I may have. If you are in the Lake County/Cook County area and you're looking for a job, Express is definitely the place to go." 

    - Saba

    "I would recommend Express to anyone needing the extra hand when on the job hunt. As a recent college grad having the hardest time getting my foot in the door, Express, specifically Erika Waehler, gave me personal attention and helped me find my fit within an awesome company in just a few days!!" 

    - Kaitlyn

    "I only worked with Express Employment Professionals for a short while; but I have nothing but great things to say about their superb service to individuals such as myself who were having difficulties finding the right fit with prospective employers. I worked with Erika Waehler and she lined me up with an interview at a company that was a perfect fit for me right from the get-go. This was the first and last opportunity she presented to me and I was hired after the 2nd face-to-face interview. She knew exactly what her client was looking for and knew that it aligned perfectly to my previous professional experience. This is truly what everyone is looking for when they are working with a recruiter! I would highly recommend Express Employment professionals to anyone who is seeking a new opportunity as they are very good at identifying perfect matches between employers and their candidates." 

    - Cindy

    "I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing and helpful Express Employment Professionals were. In my job search I worked with a few Employment Professional Agencies and not one company even compared to how thorough Express was. I hadn't had much luck in my job search prior to working with Express (and Erika W.) And this was honestly the last Employment Agency I was going to work with due to the lack of communication, assistance and guidance I was receiving from other companies. Fortunately Express Employment Professionals found a great fit for me (the first and only interview I went on through them) and I have been with the company that they arranged for me for over a year and I couldn't be happier! I am incredibly grateful for what they have done for me and if there was ever a time that I was in need of a new job, I would definitely go through Express again!" 

    - Michelle

    "I would recommend Express Employment Professionals of Libertyville. I signed up with them and in two weeks I had a job, and the company I was placed with just made me permanent. Working with Erika and rest of the team at Express has been great!"

    - Shannon

    "The people at Express Employment Pros in Libertyville are without exception the best staffing agency in the area. They are eager to help you, extraordinarily nice and professional, and responsive to any issues and concerns their staff may have. If you are seeking work in the Libertyville, IL area go to Express. They are truly awesome! I worked with Ellie Dolan to find my current position and I couldn't be happier." 

    - Brandi 

    "Prompt reply and helpful, friendly service. Readily available through phone and email contact."

    - Jubilee 

    "This professional company had me working within a week! Best of all, the recruiter knew exactly what job would match my qualifications best and to my surprise I love the job she placed me at!!" 

    - Debbie

    "Great business! Professional staff and a great owner!" 

    - Scott

    "I was a recent graduate who wanted out of the medical field. Erika brought me in and found me a job quickly. I recommend Express Employment Professionals in Libertyville if your looking for a job." 

    - Jared

    "Express Professionals in Libertyville is an amazing place to find work." 

    - Tony

    "Great agency to work for!" 

    - Pinky