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    Amber Krisell
    Amber Touchstone

    Office Manager

    Meet Amber, a dedicated member of the Express family since 2011. From Front Office Coordinator to Skilled Trades recruiter, she now leads our team as the Office Manager for Mobile. Beyond work, she's happily married, a passionate traveler, and an adventurous baker. Cheesecake is her ultimate dessert indulgence. A cat mom, church enthusiast, and beach lover, Amber brings joy and positivity to everything she does.

    For all your business needs, don't hesitate to contact Amber. She's ready to provide expert guidance and support to help your organization thrive.

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    Rich McCord

    Business Development Manager

    Meet Rich McCord, a standout member of our team since April 2021, earning recognition as one of our Top 50 Sales Reps. With close to two decades of residency in the Mobile area, Rich's roots run deep in the community. Following an illustrious eight-year tenure in the United States Air Force, where he served on AC-130 gunships, Rich transitioned seamlessly into the realm of sales and customer service. Armed with nearly 14 years of expertise in the staffing and recruiting industry, Rich excels in cultivating client relationships, fostering trust, and championing a collaborative team environment. His passion lies in the art of connecting with others and facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships. 

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    Chris Becnel(1)
    Chris Becnel

    Business Development Manager

    Meet Chris, a dynamic addition to the Express family since April 2019, where he quickly rose to become one of our Top 50 Sales Reps. Armed with a wealth of sales experience spanning diverse industries since his graduation from the University of South Alabama in 2001, Chris brings a seasoned perspective to his role. Beyond his professional achievements, Chris takes immense pride in his role as a father to his son. Outside of the office, you'll often find him immersing himself in his passions: cheering on his favorite football teams, enjoying quality time at the movies with his son, or casting lines while fishing at Dauphin Island. Chris's commitment to excellence, both in his career and personal life, exemplifies the values we hold dear at Express Employment Professionals.

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    alexandra updated
    Alexandra Dubose

    Marketing Director

    Meet Alexandra "Allie" Dubose, the Marketing extraordinaire overseeing various Express Employment Professionals and SRG offices in Mobile, Baldwin County, Emerald Coast, Tallahassee, and LaGrange, GA. She joined Express in 2017. Allie brings over a decade of marketing and sales experience to the table. 

    A graduate of the University of South Alabama, she earned her Bachelor's in Marketing Management in 2013. During her time at South Alabama, Allie's entrepreneurial spirit shone through as she founded the Professional Sales & Marketing Club, which has flourished since her graduation. Following her academic success, Allie ventured to New England, where she honed her skills in the dynamic world of radio, working for a sports station just outside Boston, MA. She was selected as Access Magazine's 2021 50 Most Beautiful in our local community. She was recently selected as an honoree for Business Alabama and AGC's 40 under 40 in 2023 for Commercial Construction.  

    Beyond the office, Allie thrives in the great outdoors, embracing a wide array of activities such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, and live music. With an impressive background and an infectious zeal for life, she is a force to be reckoned with in the marketing realm. Don't miss the chance to connect with her and unlock new possibilities for your business endeavors.

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    Constantino Tsaltas
    Constantino Tsaltas

    Skilled Trades Employment Specialist

    Tino has been working in staffing for over 14 years. He has been with Express for over 10 years and counting! Tino is on the Skilled Trades Team. He graduated from Bayside Academy and obtained his undergrad from Spring Hill College with a concentration in political science. For graduate school, Tino attended Schiller International University London, England Campus, and from there he obtained his Masters in International Relations with a Specialization in International Business. Tino loves spending time with his family, the outdoors, and hunting. His favorite part about his career is being able to help people.



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    Ryen Gorman
    Ryen Gorman

    Transportation & Logistics Employment Specialist

    Meet Ryen Gorman, a true powerhouse in the world of logistics and transportation with more than seven years of hands-on experience. His dedication to optimizing supply chain processes is unmatched, and his success stories speak volumes about his expertise. But Ryen is more than just a professional; he's a die-hard FSU fan and a dog enthusiast. Whether he's streamlining shipping routes or simply sharing stories about his favorite four-legged friends, Ryen's enthusiasm is contagious. Contact Ryen today, and let him help make your business run more smoothly. 


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    troy h
    Troy V. Harrison

    Industrial Employment Specialist

    Troy is a graduate of the University of South Alabama, and the U.S. Army's Command and General Staff College. He's a retired Army Aviation Officer and a former City of Mobile Police Officer. He has experience in industrial staffing as an associate mentor, leader, and an OSHA authorized Construction Trainer. Troy is an avid reader, and he highly recommends to everyone the book "Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude" by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.


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    Becca Farnell

    Administrative Employment Specialist

    Becca grew up in Mobile, AL. She graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi and then started working in advertising in New Orleans, LA. When she is not matching people with their dream jobs, she can be found at home with her dachshund-poodle Beau. She is always obsessed with watching or listening to all things Yankee baseball. 

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    Toby Sanderson

    Industrial Employment Specialist

    Toby joins us from a manufacturing and industrial background. She worked in the manufacturing and industrial industry for 16 years. She also has several years of recruiting experience. Having worked in the recruiting and staffing industry previously, she knows how to match people to their best roles. Her favorite thing in life is spending time with her family and friends. She loves being outdoors, by the pool, or relaxing on the beach.


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    Emily C
    Emily Crookshanks

    SRG Recruiter

    Meet Emily Crookshanks, a seasoned educator hailing from the vibrant city of Tampa, Florida. Emily pursued her academic journey at both the University of South Florida and the University of Florida, where she honed her passion for teaching and learning. In 2019, Emily and her husband embarked on a new adventure, relocating to the beautiful coastal city of San Diego. More recently, in the summer of 2023, they found themselves drawn to the charming city of Mobile.
    Emily's professional journey has primarily revolved around education, with an impressive 7-year tenure as a dedicated teacher. It was during this time that she discovered her affinity for the world of education recruitment, a passion that has led her to where she is today. Beyond her professional pursuits, Emily embraces the great outdoors with enthusiasm. You'll often find her kayaking through scenic waters, exploring hiking trails that beckon to be conquered, or enjoying leisurely strolls with her loyal companion, Bojangle, the dog. She's also an aficionado of the local culinary scene, frequently seeking out the latest and greatest coffee shops and restaurants.
    Emily Crookshanks is a dynamic individual who brings her wealth of experience and infectious enthusiasm to every endeavor.

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    Raina Gummert

    SRG Recruiter

    Meet Raina Gummert, one of our SRG Recruiters. She is an MBA graduate from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, where she met her husband of 21 years. They are now proud parents to twin girls (now teenagers) and a college-age son.
    Her recruiting career began nearly 20 years ago in the IT Technical realm, where she received specialized training. As a military spouse, they moved frequently, and she always appreciated what a good staffing company could offer in terms of opportunity. She finds it incredibly rewarding to help individuals find their dream jobs while meeting the staffing needs of clients.
    Originally from the Midwest (Southern Illinois), her husband recently retired from the Air Force, and they are excited to establish roots in the lower Alabama/Florida panhandle area, where he began his career at NAS Pensacola. A businesswoman at heart and a people person, she thrives in the staffing industry. She's also a proud dog mom, with their Beagle being their youngest "child" and cherished family member. Their daughters also have two Holland Lop Bunnies, so their fur babies keep them all busy in their free time.

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    megan smythe
    Megan Smythe

    Skilled Trades Employment Specialist / Intake

    Introducing Megan Smythe, our dedicated Skilled Trades Employment Specialist. Megan brings a wealth of experience to her role, having been immersed in the staffing industry since 2018. Guided by her steadfast belief that "It's not how you start your next chapter but how you write it," Megan is committed to empowering individuals to craft their own success stories. She meticulously assesses your skills and background to ensure a perfect match, equipping you with the tools necessary for your next chapter in life. When she's not hard at work, you'll find Megan enjoying a game of tennis, nurturing her garden outdoors, or relishing precious moments with her friends and family. Megan's passion for helping others thrive shines through in every aspect of her work, embodying the values of excellence and compassion at Express Employment Professionals.

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    mary ann new
    Mary Ann Shepherd

    Front Office Coordinator / Worker's Compensation

    Meet Mary Ann, our vibrant Front Office and Worker's Compensation Coordinator at Express since April 2017. Passion radiates from her work as she delights in the daily interactions with associates, witnessing their joy when finding employment solutions. Prior to joining our Mobile team, she dabbled in marketing for a local realty company and honed her skills with 4+ years in medical billing and 8+ years in the food industry. Married with four energetic boys, she embodies dedication and zest for life. Mary Ann's favorite quote, "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone," by Ronald Reagan, reflects her ethos of making a positive impact. With her fun-loving spirit, outgoing nature, and unwavering commitment, she is always eager to embrace new challenges and opportunities for growth.


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    Amy Hillebrandt

    Front Office Coordinator

    Meet Amy, a cornerstone of Express Employment Professionals since January 2011. As one of our Front Office Coordinators, she collaborates closely with Mary Ann to ensure the smooth operation of our bustling office. With over 7 1/2 years of prior experience in the staffing industry, Amy brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to her role. Beyond her professional endeavors, Amy is deeply involved in both of her daughter's school activities, showcasing her commitment not only to her career but also to her family. Her favorite quote, "Relax, calm down now. Don't stress. Take it easy," reflects her calm and composed demeanor even in the face of adversity. 

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    mel headshot
    Melinda Lien

    Payroll and Accounts Receivables Administrator

    Melinda comes to us having 15 plus years of experience combined in payroll, an executive assistant role, and accounts receivable. She is a Minnesota native and found her love for the warm weather and beaches a place she now calls home. Married to her husband, Jason, for over 10 years; they have two children together and two extended children. In her spare time, she loves being outside with the kids, going for walks, being in the sun, and creating masterpieces with her children. 


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