Our Recruiting Company in Biloxi: Tips For Reviewing Resumes

  • Our Recruiting Company in Biloxi: Tips For Reviewing Resumes

    Mobile, AL - December 23, 2020

    Our Recruiting Company in Biloxi | Express Employment Professionals Mobile Looking at resumes can be resource-intensive, especially if you're trying to run your company at the same time. At Express Employment Professionals Mobile, we know how tough it is for business-owners. In fact, it's why our recruiting company handles the hiring process for so many businesses in Biloxi. 

    If you're trying to comb through resumes on your own, it may be harder to know what qualities to look for or what flags to watch out for. At our agency, we use rigorous methods throughout every stage of hiring, in order to assess candidates properly. Here are a few tips on reviewing resumes. 

    What To Look For When Reviewing Resumes 

    A resume can tell you a lot about a candidate in Biloxi. It gives you a clear snapshot of their work up until now, offering you some insight into their proficiencies and personality. You'll often have to look closely to spot these details. It's not enough for a candidate to say they're a problem solver or a quick thinker. Ideally, their resume can show you these qualities. 

    From the expert team at our recruiting company for the Biloxi area, here's what to think about when reviewing resumes: 

    • Search for soft skills.  An outstanding candidate usually has a great mix of hard skills and soft skills. You want to make sure they have specific training or qualifications relevant to the job. But you also want to make sure they can excel in your workplace, working well with a team, or thinking outside the box. 
    • Look past the job title.  A job title may be misleading. When you're reviewing an applicant's prior work history, delve into their roles, responsibilities, and achievements if included. Sometimes, candidates with lower-level titles may have taken on crucial duties relevant to the position at hand. 
    • Note your concerns.  You'll often notice subtle red flags which raise questions. Maybe a candidate has multiple gaps in their job history, or perhaps they seem to have a pattern of job-hopping. While this may not disqualify an applicant, you'll likely want to ask them about it at the interview stage. 

    Find Top Talent With Our Recruiting Company in Biloxi 

    When you're looking for quality personnel, Express Employment Professionals Mobile can help you find the staff you need. Our recruiting company makes it easier to recruit and hire top talent in: 

    • Biloxi, MS
    • Pensacola, FL
    • Mobile, AL
    • And throughout the surrounding area

    Take the time and guesswork out of hiring with our recruiting company. To find workers in Biloxi, just call Express Employment Professionals Mobile at  (251) 476-8210