Fill Open Positions With Our Staffing Services in Seattle

  • Fill Open Positions With Our Staffing Services in Seattle

    Seattle, WA - January 15, 2019

    Staffing Services in Seattle | Express Pros

    This year, CNBC reported that there are now more open jobs available than prospective workers to fill them. What does that mean for Seattle area companies? It means that over the past few years, hiring is becoming an increasingly competitive practice, with companies from across all industries vying for the most promising candidates. In Seattle, South Seattle, and Renton, using the staffing services of Express Employment Professionals Seattle is one way that companies can even the playing field for themselves. 

    Why Staffing Services Are A Strong Investment For Seattle Area Companies

    Why choose staffing services in Seattle? Here are a few reasons you may want to consider:

    • Ease of access.  When your company is in the middle of a big deadline, losing an employee can feel like a catastrophe. It can take a long time to regain your momentum, from the time it takes to put out a call all the way to training a new worker, so they can quickly take over the previous person's role. With staffing services, your Seattle area company can get someone with the right expertise just by picking up the phone. While we perform rigorous prescreening for each of our job-seekers, we always have a supply of workers from across sectors who are ready to work from the get-go. 
    • Job satisfaction.  While job satisfaction is on the rise in America, it's still at less than 60%. Without job satisfaction, it's difficult for individuals to flourish in a role, stay in a position for longer than a year or two, and give their best effort to their work. If you find you're dealing with high turnover in Seattle, our staffing services can help. We work carefully with job-seekers to understand their career goals, qualifications, and their approach to working collaboratively. We match prospective hires to companies where they're a strong fit so that both job-seekers and employers can get maximum results from this arrangement. 
    • Your bottom line.  Simply put, bringing in new staff is a costly exercise. If you don't have a dedicated HR team, it means diverting your resources and team to the task of recruiting, hiring, and training a new team member. In fact, it's estimated that companies often spend 150% of a new employee's salary on this process. With staffing services, Seattle area companies can sidestep this cost and find workers fast, for results that can transform your bottom line. 

    Get staffing services with results you can rely on by calling Express Employment Professionals Seattle at (206) 443-5627 today.