Our Recruiting Agency in Seattle: Understanding Our Workforce Solutions

  • Our Recruiting Agency in Seattle: Understanding Our Workforce Solutions

    Seattle, WA - December 03, 2018

    Recruiting Agency in Seattle | Express Pros  When you have to look for new hires, it can take a lot of time and resources away from your business. Attracting excellent candidates can take a lot of work, since the ways in which job-seekers prioritize job opportunities is evolving rapidly. As a globally reputed recruiting agency, Express Employment Professionals Seattle can help you find great prospects with shorter turnarounds. Whether you're a small organization or a large firm, we work closely with businesses like yours in Seattle, South Seattle, and Renton to bring in new staff. With the power of our international brand behind us, we can keep on top of changing employment trends and get you a higher caliber of candidate.  

    A Workforce Solution For Every Company in Seattle

    At Express Employment Professionals Seattle, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. We customize our approach based on your needs, your industry, the type of candidate you're interested in, and even your work environment. Our recruiting agency can help you find new hires in Seattle across experience levels and industries:  

    • Industrial and Manufacturing. We have enthusiastic candidates for general labor, warehouse, and shipping/receiving, as well as individuals with specialized training and certification for positions as machinists, welders, technicians, and more.  
    • Customer Service and Admin. Our recruiting agency has a database of friendly Seattle candidates with strong customer service experience and comprehensive computer skills. Whether you need immediate staff for data entry, call center work, or executive assistant positions, we can help. 
    • Professional and Executive.  We actively recruit passive and active hires across all industries for professional placements, including top talent in marketing, legal, tech, financials, science, health care, and more. We can help you bring in competitive hires, from early-career to executive positions.

    Working With Our Seattle Area Recruiting Agency

    Whether you need temp workers, part-time staff, or long-term hires, our recruiting agency can help you find what you're looking for in Seattle. We verify all application details and conduct rigorous screening to make sure the candidates we're bringing you are our top choices for the position. We'll work closely to make sure you're completely satisfied with our hires. We can implement a trial period for hiring, so you have the chance to see them in action. At Express Employment Professionals Seattle, it's our priority to find you great candidates for the long haul. 

    Let's get you the perfect person for the job. Contact Express Employment Professionals Seattle at (206) 443-5627 today to speak to one of the staffing experts at our recruiting agency.