Tips for Applying to Admin Assistant Jobs in Seattle

  • Tips for Applying to Admin Assistant Jobs in Seattle

    Seattle, WA - April 26, 2018

    admin assistant jobs Seattle At Express Employment Professionals Seattle WA, we know how competitive the local job market can be for admin assistant positions. Administrative assistant jobs are some of Seattle's most competitive job openings, attracting a host of high-caliber candidates.

    That's great news for local employers, who can pick from a range of qualified applicants. For workers in Seattle who apply to administrative jobs, it's a different story. Given the competition for these positions, you need to separate yourself from the pack to get hired.

    Wondering how to make that happen? Here are a few quick tips from our employment experts on how to apply for admin jobs in Seattle.

    Hone Your Skillset for Administrative Assistant Jobs in Seattle

    When applying to admin assistant jobs in Seattle, your skills and job experience will make a huge difference. Employers are looking for candidates with certain hard skills (e.g., typing speed, computer skills), soft skills (e.g., people skills, organizational abilities), and work experience in an office setting. You can boost your skillset prior to applying in a number of ways. Consider taking online courses, enrolling in local classes, or taking temporary jobs that will give you more experience.

    Resume Tips for Administrative Assistant Applicants

    As an admin assistant, you'll be tasked with drafting, formatting, and proofreading important documents. It's important to keep these skills in mind when you approach your resume. If you're applying to administrative assistant jobs in Seattle, your resume shouldn't just say that you can handle the job. It should also show that you can craft a professional document.

    Finding Admin Assistant Job Openings in Seattle WA

    One of the best ways to increase your chances of getting hired for an admin assistant job in Seattle is to conduct a wide and persistent job search. Browsing quickly through one or two online job boards will leave you with only a handful of opportunities. Instead, job seekers should look for admin assistant postions in Seattle via multiple channels, including job boards, social media, and contacts within their professional network.

    Interviewing for Administrative Assistant Positions

    We've already covered how your resume gives you the chance to show off your writing, formatting, and proofreading skills. Your interview will give you a similar chance to showcase your interpersonal abilities. People skills are an important part of admin assistant work, so employers will pay close attention not only to what you're saying in your interviews but also how you're saying it.

    Admin Assistant Jobs with a Seattle Job Agency

    These days, more and more employers are turning to staffing agencies for admin assistant recruitment. Many of the best assistant jobs in Seattle, South Seattle, and Renton can now be found via employment agencies like Express Employment Professionals Seattle. Submit your application today to be considered for admin assistant work opportunities in the Seattle area.

    Apply for administrative assistant jobs in Seattle WA today! Call (206) 443-5627 today to learn more, or browse our current list of job openings in Seattle and apply online !