How to Set Yourself Up for a Week of Success

  • How to Set Yourself Up for a Week of Success

    Thousand Oaks, CA - May 27, 2022

    2022-05 Admin Staffing Agency in Thousand Oaks, CA During a typical week, most people who work full-time have a lot on their plate. And it's all too easy to become disheartened when you allow yourself to be bogged down with a million tasks when you don't have a clear schedule mapped out. This is how deadlines get missed and mistakes are made. If you follow these six steps from an employment staffing agency in Thousand Oaks, CA , you can easily set yourself up for a successful week, every week! 

    Step 1: Pick Your Day 

    Do you feel more productive by sitting down first thing on a Monday morning and mapping out your entire week? Or do you find you can usually hit the ground running at the start of a new week if you spent Friday afternoon planning the upcoming week? Once you've figured out which day works better for you, make sure you always set aside time on that specific day to complete the following steps.  

    Step 2: Initiate a Brain Dump 

    You're juggling a lot-things like projects to complete, plans to remember for later, people to follow up with, and so on. Plus, you have a lot of non-work responsibilities (someone must order groceries, take the dog for a walk, and clean out the cat litter box, after all). Get a piece of paper and make a list of everything you must accomplish. Put everything you need to do, both work and non-work related, into your notebook. Get all of it out of your head and onto the page. 

    Step 3: Assign Deadlines for Every Item on Your List 

    Now that everything is out of your head, it's time to give each item a due date. This will help you prioritize and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. For work-related items, consider when they're due and who needs them by when. For personal errands and tasks, look at your weekly schedule and decide which day or evening would work best for getting them done. 

    Step 4: Add Your Deadlines to Your Calendar 

    Get out your calendar-physical or digital-and start adding in all of the deadlines you just assigned. This will help you see at a glance what's due when, and it'll make it harder for you to procrastinate on items that really need to be taken care of. Even better, set reminders on your computer and phone to send you a text or email notification for really important tasks. Technology can be a fabulous tool to help keep yourself organized.  

    Step 5: Share Your Prep Plan with Others 

    When you verbalize a goal or task to another individual, it helps solidify it in your mind and also recruits an outsider to keep you accountable. So, tell your spouse or partner about that report you're working on and when it's due. Mention to your kids that you need to pick up groceries on the way home from work. When you make your plans known to others, you not only increase the likelihood of following through, but you also build a support network to help you succeed. 

    Step 6: Review and Adjust as Needed 

    At the end of each week, look at what you accomplished and what still needs to be done. This is a great opportunity to adjust your plans for the following week if necessary. If you find that you're consistently not able to complete everything on your list, you may need to adjust your expectations or find a way to delegate some of your tasks. On the other hand, if you find you have extra time, use it to get ahead on projects or check items off your list that don't have set deadlines. 

    By following these steps from corporate staffing solution experts, you can set yourself up for a successful week-one where you're productive and organized. So, take a few minutes to plan ahead, and start every week off on the right foot! 

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