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  • 5-15-24 Career Gaps - Canada Employed Career Gaps Not a Problem According to Canadian Hiring Managers TORONTO - 05/15/2024 Many Canadian job seekers (34%) worry that having a career gap in their resume would prevent them from being hired, but most hiring managers say they are not a problem, according to a newly released Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll survey.
    4-24-24 Delaying Families - Canada Employed 1 in 3 Canadian Job Seekers Have Paused Starting a Family Due to Lack of Work/Life Balance TORONTO - 04/24/2024 A new survey released today is shedding light on one of the reasons Canada’s fertility rate has hit its lowest level in recorded history. According to a newly released Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll survey, one-third of employed job seekers (33%) say they have put starting a family on hold due to a lack of work/life balance. This includes 42% of Gen Z and 39% of Millennial job seekers.
    4-10-24 Benefits for Retention - Canada Employed Canadian Employees Want Better Benefits; Companies Say They Can’t Keep Up TORONTO - 04/10/2024 Benefits are an important part of attracting and retaining employees, but most companies (70%) say it’s impossible to offer all the benefits employees are currently demanding, according to a recent Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll survey.
    Flunking Your Job Interview Thumbnail - Thumbnail image - Canada Employed Don’t be an April Fool During a Job Interview: Halloween Costumes, Undressing and More TORONTO - 03/27/2024 Getting an interview is a big step forward in the job application process, but it can make or break a candidate’s ability to get hired. While it may seem obvious to most that professionalism is expected, both Canadian hiring managers and job seekers say they’ve seen some pretty wild behaviour.
    Canada Employed - Standing Out in an Interview thumbnail graphic How Job Candidates Can Make a Splash in a Sea of Applications TORONTO - 03/13/2024 Hiring managers go through so many resumes that the information and candidates can start to blend together — but Canadian hiring managers say there are things job applicants can do to stand out, according to an Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll survey.