• What our associates are saying about Express Employment Professionals

    "Matt found me when I needed him most! I can not thank God enough for connecting me with Matt. I don't know why anyone looking to find the right Career fit wouldn't reach out to this wonderful company. I will recommend them and share my amazing story to anyone needing to find the right fit!" - Theresa 

    "I am honored to say that I have a wonderful job thanks to Express! Matt, Tori, Courtney and Annie are some of the most hard working, awesome, thoughtful, caring and understand people I have ever met. They treat me like family and I am confident that they have all of their employees best interests at heart. If you are in search of employment, I seriously recommend Express Employment Professionals because professionals are exactly what they are! I can't thank all of you at Express enough! Much love to all of you and thanks again!" - Taylor 

    "This place finds jobs quicker than any other competitor out here highly recommend to anyone around the triad." - Anonymous 

    "I am so glad I decided to go with Express Employment. Matt is amazing! He really cares about his employees and I was working full time within a couple days! I recommend Express to anyone looking for a job! Everyone there was super friendly and super helpful. I have nothing but great things to say about Express." - Renee 

    "My experience was great with Express! Matt stayed dedicated to finding me a job (and a very good one at that!). Im now on my way to a great career path thanks to the Express Team!" - Tymberlyn 

    "Express Professionals was a success. They got me a job right away and the work was great. I would always recommend express pros for anyone looking for a job/career. The management was fantastic and very helpful. You guys deserve a 10 star rating. Thanks again to express for my new job opportunity." - D'Marus                                                          
    "I Called Looking For The Unemployment Office Trying Too Find Work & There’s Staff Helped Me Find Work As Soon as Possible" - Percy

    "I moved to Winston Salem and didn't know where to look for a job. I'm so thrilled I found Express. The staff is professional and friendly. It took less than two weeks from filling out the online application to getting offered a job. I will tell everyone I know to go to Express if they're looking for a job or need to change jobs." - Shonda

    "Express scheduled me an interview the same day I came into their office for the first time. They found me a job that matched my skill set and fit exactly what I was looking for! I now have a full time position at that same job. Huge shout out to them!" - Allan

    "Awesome staff! They go above and beyond for you but you have to want it for yourself. Matt is an exceptional man, thank you for everything! Words can't express my gratitude!" - Julian

    "This is a very professional office. They helped me find employment very quickly. I'm glad I used their services!" - Felicia

    "My experience working through Express Pros was absolutely wonderful. I was placed within a couple weeks of being hired with their agency and the administrative assistant position I held was wonderful. I stayed at the position for three months and only left because I was offered a direct hire, salaried position. I credit Express Pros with helping me obtain the experience necessary to get hired in my current position and am incredibly grateful for all Matt did for me. They're the best!" -Emily

    "Lots of companies that offer "professional" assistance and job placement don't deliver, This one does!! From the day I walked in until the day I started my career, re-entering my original field of Electronics/IT, Matt, Caity and the rest of the staff were always on hand to assist and go the extra mile to see me succeed. Everything from professional advice down to the occasional email to check on my progress, these guys and girls were awesome. If you need career placement, this is the place you need to start! Thanks again to Matt and the crew for all your help!!" -Christopher

    "Express Employment Professionals in Winston-Salem called me on a Thursday afternoon after finding my resume on Career Builder. On Friday I had an interview and on Monday I was employed! After months of applying to every job that I remotely qualified for, Express Employment gave me the chance that I needed. I am so grateful for this business and for everything that this company does!" -Caitlin 

    “Matt is by far the best person I've ever come into contact with. He's helped me along the way since I moved to NC in 2014. Not only me but my fiancé as well. Wonderful people. Good place to go to if you're looking for work.” - Sarah 

    “Recently moved to NC. Express was my first place of employment. I was able to obtain full-time employment with the company. Matt the owner came out a couple of times and worked with us and was really helpful. Brittany was also exceptional in all she has done. This is a company that is going a long way. I am very blessed to have worked with and for them and will always help if they need.” - Ulysses

    "I was very pleased with how I was treated, and how I continue to be treated. I get follow ups a lot just to make sure that I am happy." - Emile

    “My personal experience with Matt and his staff was great! Not only do they truly care about you, but they stay on top of things for you. Very professional and they don't try to cram just any job down your throat. These folks want you to succeed. Great people, great attitude, that provide a fun, positive, and Christian atmosphere! I'd work for these folks again in a heartbeat! 5 Star organization!” - Scott

    “Matt Bocan is great..... The staff goes above their limits to help you get the job you want and love!” - Misty

    “Awesome People! Helped me get a job quickly! I like Temp work, that way I can choose, and it can lead to more! Thanks so much Matt and Company! :) Also, give Great referrals!” - Ellen

    "Express is great with you and really make sure they fit you in somewhere you will be happy and enjoy." - Michelle

    "I have used Express before and they really take time out of their way and help you." - Ricky

    "They placed me in a job really quickly. After several months of unemployment and after going through several staffing firms, Express was the only one to really stay in contact with me and make sure I knew they hadn't given up on me!" - Christine