Associate Testimonials

  • We pride ourselves on our relationships with our Associates.

    Putting people to work is what we do!

  • "This is my first experience with an agency, and I must say that Express has made this a smooth transition. The staffing associates are very professional, informative and supportive of my job search   working to match my skill set and preferences.  They have been in regular contact to assure the assignment is going smoothly. I highly recommend Express, they care about your individual needs in seeking employment." - Pat H.

    "I just wanted to tell you what a difference Express has made in my life.  I was having difficulty in finding the right position before coming through your doors.  I didn’t want just a job.  I wanted a position in the right location, at the right salary and most importantly with the right people at the right company.  Somewhere I could stay and grow.  I was hesitant about using an employment agency and didn’t know what to expect.  From the minute I walked through your doors the entire staff at Express was so warm and friendly I couldn’t believe it.  I thought they can’t really care this much about helping me out.  Then after spending time with Express, I thought wow, I have really walked into a different kind of place.  They really do get personally involved with wanting the best for their clients.  The places Express has placed me have been incredible!  Where I am currently employed Express does “Life Lessons Over Lunch” where you come to my work and feeds however many people want to participate and presents a uplifting message during our lunch hour!!  I have never ever had such a wonderful experience!!  I just had to take a minute and tell you personally how wonderful you are and how much I appreciate all your hard work for me. You are never too busy to take or return my calls or cheer me on or cheer me up.  And, of course that there can’t possibly be another employment agency in town like Express!" - Jan H.

     From the minute I walked into Express in Woodstock I was impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and ease of the whole process. I had retired early and found myself bored. I was able to tell my Staffing Associate my exact situation and what I had in mind. She accommodated me and she was wonderful!" - Leah B.

    "I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the staff at Express. They demonstrated extreme professional ethics and made a rather difficult transition in my life, painless. Their charming personality, eagerness to get the job done to a higher level than expected and dedication is a valuable testimony to what Express is known for. Express goes above and beyond what is expected and goes out of their way to make each person feel as though we are the only employee they are dealing with.  I would recommend Express Employment Professionals to anyone that is seeking work." - Seth M.

    "Express continually goes beyond the call of duty with the best interest of all parties involved.  The feedback I receives always helpful, timely, specific and frequent.  My work responsibilities are always clear, defined and realistic.  I appreciate all you’ve done and continue to do for me.  I was recently able to buy my mother a house in Mississippi with the money I had saved as a result of the effort and opportunities afforded to me by Express.  For that I am forever grateful." - Anthony S.

    Express is a company that takes a personal interest in their clients. They take the time to build a rapport with you and provide a level of comfortability with reassurance that you are more than just another employee. Express acknowledges that it's not 8 hours but 24 that influence your abilities and they consider every aspect when it comes to finding the perfect employment opportunity for you. This company has definitely been a positive influence in my life." - Oneisha S.

    "Working with the Woodstock location has been the best experience I've ever had working with a staffing agency! They show mutual support for their clients, and their temps. They are prompt with getting you placed on work assignments! The staff is friendly, positive, helpful, and compassionate! This agency is truly amazing!" - Lisa B.

    "They have been nothing but helpful to me. Everyone has taken a personal interest in my situation. I cannot say enough kind things about Whitney and Lindsey. Thanks to them I have another interview today at 1. Best communicating Employment Agency I have been a member of." - Aaron P.

    "I have been fortunate to work with the Woodstock location. They genuinely care about not only your skills set but also are amazing at matching you to an environment that promotes success. We all need jobs but life is too short to just show up and get a paycheck while being miserable. They care not only about their candidates but are also committed to their client base. They truly promote a win-win business model. The entire staff is invested in each candidates success. Whitney, Faith, Hillary, Pam and Lindsay love what they do and it shows. I am eternally grateful that in this current up and down market they have helped me twice, because after all paying bills and quality of life for our families is why most of us go to work!" - Teri K.

    "I am proud to be employed by them. They're very polite and friendly. They're very helpful and informative. I left there happy and satisfied. The staff was willing to get me working in no time. God bless them and all of their employees." - Justin J.

    "Express Employment Professionals - Woodstock, Ga, is a top notch agency in every way! I've been in touch with them for a few years now and I can honestly say they are the best team around! I had the misfortune of finding myself laid off and looking for work. They worked hard to find a career oriented position for me, but I still had set backs. I had car trouble at the time, and could not commit to the opportunity. But still, they worked tirelessly in keeping me in the loop and informed of any and all opportunities that I may be interested in. Part time, full time, you name it I was given the opportunity. Over time I was able to work around my vehicle issues and take on part time assignments when I could, until I was able to accept a great, full time, career oriented, hopefully long term position. The staff at the Woodstock branch was my search partner in listening to what I was searching for in my next opportunity, and kept me employed throughout my search until I am happy to say I found, or rather they found, what I feel will be a great new beginning! Whatever your needs are for employment, they will listen and take care of you! And if you're in search of a strong career opportunity, they are the best partners you could have to help you reach your goals, and they are happy and helpful to do it! Great ladies, great people at the Woodstock branch of Express Employment Professionals! I am forever grateful!" - Jason L.

    "Express Employment is by far the best employment agency I know, and I've dealt with plenty of agencies! They are not just professional but also caring! They treated me great. They wasted no time in finding me a great job and I just got hired on with the company. I'm so thankful for them. Thank you so much Express Employment. God bless :)" - Bridget A.

    "These guys were very informative about what was available and what to expect. They were very prompt each week to keep me updated on what was going on with my application and they got me the job I wanted. They are a blessing." - Zachary T.