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12/03/2014   Holiday Bonuses: A Survey of What Employees Want and What Employers Give
11/12/2014   New White Paper: “A Safety Net or a Trap?” — Express Unveils the Consequences of Government Benefit Programs on Employment
10/22/2014   Hired Today, Gone Tomorrow: Recent Grads Don't Stay in First Jobs Very Long
10/08/2014   Survey Reveals Which College Majors Get You a Job – And  Which Don’t
09/24/2014   Prove You’re Dependable and You’ll Get Hired
09/10/2014   What Skills Are Employers Looking For?
08/25/2014   Labor Day White Paper: “America’s Changing Workforce”
08/06/2014   If You Want a Job, Don’t Do These Things …
07/31/2014   Express Puts More Than 5,000 New People to Work Weekly, Ranked No. 1 Industrial Staffing Provider
07/23/2014   New Study Reveals the Qualities Employers Look For in Candidates
07/09/2014   Number of Employers Having a Hard Time Finding Qualified Workers is Growing
06/25/2014   The 5 Hottest Fields Hiring The Most Non-College Graduates
06/13/2014   What Are The Unemployed Doing To Find Work?
06/12/2014   Official Government Numbers Don't Show Real Unemployment Situation
06/11/2014   Survey Reveals Major Differences Between Unemployed in U.S. and Canada
05/21/2014   New National Survey Shows 47% of the Unemployed Say They Have Given Up Looking For Work
05/14/2014   Express Employment Professionals CEO Offers Six Tips for Career Success for High School Graduates
04/30/2014   Survey Shows 37% of Employers Plan to Increase Number of Employees in 2014
04/16/2014   Upcoming Book to Profile 42 Inspirational Stories of Struggle and Success in the American Economy
04/02/2014   Career Tech vs. College White Paper Release
•  A Comparison of Higher Education Options White Paper
03/19/2014   Survey of Employers Shows 38% of Those Who Pay Minimum Wage will Lay Off Workers if Wage is Hiked
03/05/2014   Survey of Businesses Shows Health Insurance Ranks as Most Important Job Benefit
02/19/2014   Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Job Creation
02/05/2014   Deep Dive: Who’s In And Out Of The Labor Force?
01/22/2014   2014 Trends and New Ideas in Business
01/13/2014   Near Record Number of People Quit Looking for Work in 2013
01/09/2014   Where are the $50/hour jobs?



12/19/2013   Advice for Holiday, Seasonal Workers; 4 Tips for Turning Around a Seasonal Job into a Long-Term Job
12/18/2013   7 Job Market Predictions for 2014
11/13/2013   Wage Report: Where’s the Money?
10/30/2013   Job Applicants Have Power to Negotiate Salary and Flex Schedule
10/16/2013   How Long Do Recent College Grads Stay in Their First Jobs?
10/02/2013   The Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses of the Millennial Generation in the Workplace
09/23/2013   New White Paper Highlights the Side Effects of Health Care Reform
•  Changing Dynamics White Paper
09/20/2013   New White Paper to Discuss the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Hiring and Labor
09/18/2013   Longevity and Turnover
09/06/2013   Number of People Looking for Work Drops to a 35-Year Low
09/04/2013   The 5 Hottest Fields Hiring the Most Non-College Graduates
08/27/2013   The Great Shift: Where Have All the Workers Gone?
•  Labor Force Participation White Paper
08/21/2013   Liberal Arts vs. Business: Which College Majors Open Doors to Jobs?
08/07/2013   Job Applicant Advice: Don’t Text/Answer Your Phone in an Interview
07/31/2013   Unemployment Is High — So Why is it Hard to Find Workers?
07/24/2013   What Employers Really Want: Reliability and Motivation
07/17/2013   Employers Value Integrity over Education
07/10/2013   Jobs Looking for People
07/08/2013   America Employed – Insights from Express Employment Professionals