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  • Is Your Recruitment Process Costing You?

  • Express is the Instinctive Choice for Vancouver Businesses.

  • Whether you need a Quick to fill solution for a temporary need, a recruiting partner to help with unexpected turnover, or a specialized search to help your company grow, Express Employment Professionals and the Specialized Recruitment Group are here to help. 

  • What Does Express Offer?

    We offer temporary, contract, and permanent solutions in Administration, Accounting, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Marketing, Industrial, and Skilled Trades.

  • Why Use a Staffing Company?

    Bad hires have burned almost every business. Turnover can cost an employer anywhere from 30% to 400% of their annual salary to replace. Vancouver is one of the world's most competitive labour markets, and hiring great employees who stick has always been challenging.

  • Why Express?

    Over the past five years, we've helped over 750 Vancouver-based companies hire over 11,000 people. We have a simple, straightforward process that helps you get clarity on what you want and need to hire. We have transparent and clear pricing, and we take 100% of the work so you can focus on your business and leave the recruiting to us. 

  • Here's How We Can Help...

  • Express Employment Professionals - Vancouver Downtown, BC
  • Do you Need to Hire Someone Right Away?

    Say Goodbye to the Headaches of Hiring with Express Employment!

    Whether it's an industrial project requiring extra manpower, a support position in the office, or a professional position, you need to hire someone now, and we can help! Our range of solutions covers all your staffing needs, from temporary workers to long-term placements. We understand the struggles of the skill gap, unexpected turnover, and finding the right fit, but with Express Employment Professionals, we'll ease your burden and get you the right staff when you need it.

    Call us now at 604-638-6980 to get our team started or click here to learn more about Express.


  • Specialized Recruiting Group - Talent Aquisition Vancouver, BC
  • Struggling with a Tough to Fill Position?

    Stop Searching and Start Hiring with the Specialized Recruitment Group

    Your high-level, strategic needs require a partner with experience and resources to get it right - and that's where the Specialized Recruitment Group comes in. 

    As experts in the Vancouver market, we understand that challenging searches require the right experience, approach, and resources. We take a proactive approach to contacting passive candidates who are happy in their current position and aren’t applying for jobs. Using this labour-intensive, proactive approach to recruiting can identify the candidate you need, even in the most scarce talent market.

    Call us now at 604-638-6980 to get our team started or click here to learn more about the SRG.

  • Business Advisory Services - Vancouver Downtown, BC
  • Not Sure Where to Start?

    Unlock Your Hiring Potential with our Expert-Led Advisory Services

    Find the perfect candidate and streamline your recruitment process with our expert guidance. Our Advisory Services will help you navigate the complexities of the hiring process and establish hiring criteria, expectations, and requirements that align with your company's goals, allowing you to move forward confidently and make the best hire for your organization. 

    We also offer a comprehensive assessment of your hiring and talent management process, including the three pillars of successful hiring. Our experts will review your current process, suggest solutions to make it more effective, and help you develop a strategic approach to talent management tailored to your organization's unique needs. By leveraging our Advisory Services, you'll be able to build a strong and sustainable talent pipeline, retain top performers, and achieve your hiring goals.

    Call us now at 604-638-6980 to get our team started or click here to learn more about our discovery process.

  • What Our Clients Say

  • Rachel R.


    "We were hesitant to use an employment agency initially and used Express to fill an administrative position while our staff member recovered from an injury. The quality of the candidates and their ability to step into roles from day one was impressive. As a result, we continued to work with Express to map out our administrative needs as our business grew. Express provided excellent coaching and advice that guided us through this process, which resulted in a new (and our first) organizational chart and admin job descriptions. We then used Express to fill a new, permanent role within our organization. They found a candidate that exceeded our expectations based on our prior attempts at filling a similar role ourselves. They ensured that the person not only had the skills to do the job but that they were the right fit for our rather unique culture. We highly recommend Express to other organizations."

  • Tom R.


    "Express Employment took the time to understand our requirements and found 2 Stellar Candidates within days, it was all a very easy and streamlined process. - Highly Recommend"

  • Alvaro P.


    "Focused! Effective! Practical! So much easier than taking the risk of hiring an employee for contract seasonal work. The team is super responsive and solution oriented...even when the solution is to point you in a different direction! Integrity and results are the values I see practiced by the Express Employment team."

  • René R.


    "I have used Express Employment Professionals to find the right candidate for a small company in North Vancouver. Express has proved to be very professional from the very beginning, and we quickly established the profile we were looking for. We put up a Job Listing on multiple Job Listing pages and their internal database within a short time frame. Depending on your needs, they will keep you updated as needed, and in the loop on the activity your Job Listing is creating. Express was also great in understanding the specific profile we were looking for and represented candidates that would all have been an excellent fit for our position and team. All my best recommendations go to Express Employment Professionals. If you are a first-time hiree or have been in the game for a long time, it is highly recommendable to choose Express Employment Professionals."

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  • Ready to Hire Your Next Great Employee?

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