• Interview Etiquette: Tips for Telephone

    London ON - May 04, 2023

    You might not be meeting face-to-face, but you need to be just as prepared for a telephone interview as you are for one in-person. Here are some tips to help you be a success on the phone.


    Minimize Movement 


    Find a quiet place to speak with no distractions and sit or stand still while speaking. No gymnastics during the interview! Your voice changes when you move around a lot, as does the quality of the call.

    Banish Background Noise 

    Distracting sounds in the background or even music can really put a damper on the experience. Minimize background noise, by choosing a time when others might be out, and by interviewing in a room that is quiet with some soundproofing. It’ll also help you stay focused on the conversation – find a place to focus.

    Eliminate Notifications

    If using your cell phone, turn off or mute any notification sounds, so your call doesn’t get interrupted. No one needs to hear your special wake-up alarm.

    Speak Clearly


    Speak clearly and with the appropriate volume – do not chew gum or anything else – while you are on the phone. Match the volume of your interviewer.

    Take Care with Tone

    On the phone, your voice says it all. Be careful about your tone of voice – you want to appear confident and calm and interested.