Employee of the Month

  • Celebrating Our Associates


    The Employee of the Month program is a great way to recognize employees (associates) with positive work attributes and highlight the value they bring to their organizations. We celebrate our great associates for all their great contributions to their teams and to the workplace.

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  • Why have an Employee of the Month?employee_of_month_gifts_transparent_edited

    We take care and time in selecting good people to work with us. We believe that associates who go above and beyond in the workplace should be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Employee of the Month is one way we can motivate our associates to succeed and build confidence and morale.

    How is the Employee of the Month selected?

    Our team members in the Light Industrial, Skilled Trades and Office Work areas are regularly in touch with their clients and associates and will take note when an employer praises one of our associates. Each month, the Employee of the Month is selected from one of the three employment areas, based on feedback we receive from their employers. The selection rotates between the three employment areas, so that associates in each of the three areas are recognized about four times a year.

    While we would love to celebrate all our great associates, we can only choose one a month. We thank all those associates who put their all into their work and encourage you to continue to perform well. You may be the next Employee of the Month!

    What rewards does the Employee of the Month receive?

    In addition to being recognized on our website and on our social media channels, each associate selected for Employee of the month receives:

    • An Express-branded lunch bag
    • An Express-branded travel mug
    • An Express-branded flashlight and battery pack
    • A $25 Visa gift card


  • Employee of the Month August 2022

    Dawn Addley's colleagues at National Truck League were so thrilled to have her on board that they offered her a permanent position and some fabulous testimonials. According to her colleagues, Dawn “knows how to ask the right questions and is motivated to perform”. She has “made a positive impact on the National Truck League office culture", “takes her work very seriously”,  and  “is a great addition to the team."

    They also describe her as “personable, attentive, responsible, motivated, approachable, coachable and willing to try.” 

    Congratulations, Dawn - our August Employee of the Month!

  • Employee of the Month July 2022

    Brad Longlade is our stellar associate for July! Brad is being celebrated as Employee of the Month for his outstanding work as a weekend shift assembler at Blackfly Beverages.

    Congratulations, Brad, and keep up the great work! 

  • Employee of the Month: June 2022 

    Our June Employee of the Month is Lacey Watson, associate extraordinaire at CSP Medical. President and CEO Steve Jensens says Lacey is "killing it" as Logistics Coordinator and is always ready and willing to help out wherever she can -  whether it be with packaging, paperwork or even dog-walking!

    Our congratulations and thanks to Lacey, for all her hard work and help!

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