Associate Benefits

  • Successful Lives Built Through Successful Careers

     Express London knows that having a successful career leads to achieving success in life, and we want you to succeed. When you work as an Express Associate , you are given access to a wide range of employee benefits that can't be matched!

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  • As an Express associate, we want to help find the work that works for you. Check out these four quick tips that will help you keep going and keep growing with Express!
  • Great Benefits Make More Motivated Workers.

    We take care of our Express London Associates so that we can take better care of our clients. Simply stated: we offer more.

  • Benefits Available to Eligible Express Associates

    • Benefit Plan
    • Holiday Pay
    • Vacation Pay
    • Referral-Based Incentives
    • Safety-Related Incentives
    • Direct Deposit
    • Scholarship Program

    Other Benefits Include:

    • Associate Recognition Programs
    • Associate of the Month Programs
    • Monthly Newsletters

  • * Express Associates may be required to work a specified number of hours
    and/or weeks before they become eligible for some benefits. Benefits
    may vary by Express location. Your Express representative will be 
    able to provide more detail about specific benefits for which you qualify.

  • Vacation Pay

    This benefit is determined beginning with your first pay period with Express
    (this is your “vacation start date”).  This date begins a 52 week period during
    which vacation may be earned as follows:

    • After 1000 hours worked, 2 vacation days earned
    • After 1500 hours worked, 1 additional vacation day
    • After 2000 hours worked, 2 additional vacation days

    Totaling 5 vacation days per year.

    Holiday Pay

    Express recognizes six paid holidays per year. You qualify for holiday pay if:

    1. You’ve worked 500 hours in 16 consecutive weeks ending one full week
      prior to the holiday week
    2. You are on an Express assignment the week of the holiday
    3. You work the scheduled workday before and after the holiday


    Pay for a holiday is in accordance with your current rate of pay. Holidays recognized
    by Express are New Year’s Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.