• Interview Etiquette: Advice for Interviewers

    London ON - May 12, 2023

    So, it’s your big day. You’ve come prepped with questions, fueled by coffee and ready to meet your next successful candidate. But do you have it all covered?

    Setting the right tone when interviewing will help you see if the candidate is the right fit for the team and will also showcase your brand in a positive light.


    Comfort Counts

    Try to put your candidate at ease at the start of the interview. You’ll learn far more from a candidate if they are relaxed and will see more of their authentic self. This gives you a better idea as to whether the candidate will fit in with the team. It also makes for a better interview experience for all involved.

    Sell and Tell

    Sell the company and show the candidate why they might want to work with you. The candidate will decide whether they can work with you, based on how you stack up to the competition. The interview is an opportunity for both sides to assess suitability for the job.

    Honesty Always  

    Be transparent about any challenges the company is facing or has dealt with. Bad news spreads quickly, so best if you get anticipate it and share with the candidate before they hear it from another source.

    Consistency is Key

    Be consistent with the questions asked, so you can properly assess the merits of each candidate.

    Don’t Ghost

    Adhere to any timelines you have shared with the candidate, especially regarding responding back to them with a decision. They have taken the time to prepare for the interview and may be exploring other companies, as well. Ghosting a candidate could also earn your company a negative reputation that could hurt future recruitment efforts.