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    "The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. They come highly recommended if you are seeking employment or needing to hire in the bay area and throughout." - The Organizer Gal


    "I've had a very good experience with Express. I was a little apprehensive being that it was my first time going through any type of job agency but my since my sister was the one that recommended it to me I was much more willing to give it a try and I'm sooo glad that I did. The first job that I was offered was at Allstate Insurance in Dec 2017. Things worked out really well and my manager let me know today that she'd be buying my employment from Express! Like any job you get you have to be willing to show up, do your best and be professional. In my experience I was able to negotiate higher pay (higher than minimum wage) because of my previous work experience. But ultimately I think the agreed salary is up to your employer. Plus you get paid every Friday which I will definitely miss now that I'm a full time Allstate employee. Anyhow, I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for work!" - Aranessa G.


    "Very friendly and eager to find an employee/employer relationship that fits both parties." - Sarah L.


    "The people at Express really care about helping the associates and also helping the client. They are highly talented and work with all walks of life. The staff is very efficient and even the owner is there most of the time. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking employment or anyone looking to fill and empty spot and their company." - Joni L.


    "Professional and Efficient! Express Pros have the right tools and experience to help employers and employees to find the right niche." - Joe B.


    "They are a really great agency. They always kept me working and if you are dependable and have good work ethics they will call you for every job they have available. I would highly recommend them." - Latresia W.


    "I have been using Express Employment Professionals in Concord, CA for many years. They have provided me with essential "evaluation hire" services. I start all my new staff through Express Employment as I evaluate their work performance." - Wade C.


    "Trustworthy and reliable service for local business owners." - Gail N.