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  • Building Skills. Building Careers.

    Learning new or improving your current skills will increase your chances for getting the career you desire. Express Employment Professionals - Concord, CA offers training resources, programs, and other educational opportunities to help you find great jobs in Concord, California .

  • Computer Software

    Computer-based tutorials, from beginning to advanced.

  • Communication Training

    Verbal and written communication skills for any job that requires interaction with customers.

  • Safety Education

    Introduction to worksite, tools, and equipment used on a job including job safety and proper use. 

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    Job Genius

    Video based training on the job market forecast, resumes and interviewing, how to find job openings, and building a career path.

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    Job Genius

    Video training on the job market forecast, resumes and interviewing, how to find job openings, and building a career path.

  • White Papers

    Career White Papers

    Learn what format is best for your resume – PDF vs Word, and how to achieve work/life balance.

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    With tips and advice on everything from the job search to finding work life balance, Express’ Job Journey blog is a great resource for employees and job seekers alike. 

    • Coping with Job Search Rejection

      Keeping your spirits high when interviews are down. Interviews are tough. Not getting an interview is even tougher. You can spend hours and hours just searching for jobs to apply for, then spend several more hours filling out applications. And all that work doesn’t even guarantee an interview. It’s natural to feel down; to want to give up. But you have to dust yourself off, roll up your sleeves, and dive into the job search again. Easier said than done right? Here are a few tips to keep things moving. Do Things You Enjoy Don’t let every day be a 24/7 job search. Concentration and drive are great, but you can only last so long before you burn out. If you like to bake, make cookies once in a while. Watch a TV show you love or take a trip to the movies. Go see a football or basketball game. Make sure you still have a life outside of the job search. Get Used to Hearing “No” HR people aren’t …

      Thu, 10 Oct 2019

    • VIDEO: How Much Should You Share About Your Past Job in an Interview

      The truth, the whole truth, or something a bit less than the truth? Plenty of folks freeze up when interviewers ask what they thought about a past job. Should you reveal how bad it was (if it was bad)  or embellish to make it sound a bit better? Do they need to know what you REALLY thought about your boss? The answer? Keep things positive! Not sure what that means? A few of our top interviewers are here to help in this handy video. For more interview tips, check out our Answering the Interview Question series: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years? Tell Me About Yourself What Are Your Top 3 Strengths and Weaknesses? Why Should I Hire You? Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job/Company? Answering the Hardest Interview Questions What’s Your Most Impressive Accomplishment? How Would Your Co-Workers Describe You in Three Words? Why Do You Want to Work at Our Company? Do You Like to Take Charge of Projects and Situations? And if you’re ready …

      Tue, 08 Oct 2019

    • Job Spotlight: CNC Machinist

      Is this the job for you? Let’s CNSEE! Despite already having experience with several jobs, many working adults are unable to answer the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Our Job Spotlight monthly blog series is designed to help answer that question. In this series, we review all the basics of specific jobs, from pay and duties to why people do the jobs they do. CNC Machinist In this month’s Job Spotlight, we’re looking at information regarding CNC machinists. Responsibilities include everything involved with setting up and operating machine tools to create precision metal parts, tools, and instruments. Required Education: Typically, a high school diploma, as well as on-the-job training; some positions require further education (vocational schools, community, or technical colleges). Pay Although pay varies depending on a variety of factors (e.g. experience, industry, geographic area, etc.), CNC machinists can make as much as $44,950 a year. What CNC Machinists Do: CNC machinists deal with a variety of responsibilities, including: Setting up and operating …

      Fri, 04 Oct 2019