• Meet the Express Oxnard Staff

    As half of the Express Ventura County team, it is up to us to help Job Seekers find great jobs with well respected Employers hiring in Oxnard , as well as Camarillo, Ventura, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Malibu. With Neil and Janet McMillan leading our offices' staffing efforts, the combined local experiences each team member brings to the table, and the internationally renowned resources we receive from our Express parent company, we know we can be a valuable asset on your journey to achieving success.

    Oxnard Staffing Agencies - Meet the Express Oxnard Staff
  • Mayra Garcia - General Manager
    Mayra Rosalie Garcia

    Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Client Relations

    Mayra was brought on to our Express team in May 2015. She is a profound optimist who loves people and loves that her job allows her to express that by helping others. Mayra is an overachiever who always aims to win and never backs down regardless of the difficulty. Diligent, positive, and genuine, as well as competitive, intense, and driven are all qualities of hers that make her an essential part of our team.

    Mayra was born in Pasadena, CA but was raised in Oxnard. She's lived in the Oxnard area ever since. She is a member of the local chambers in Oxnard, Ventura, and Camarillo and was previously on the board of VCEDA. When she's not assisting our local Job Seekers with finding the best jobs for them, she can be found spending time with her kids and attending their soccer, football, dance, and softball events. She also likes to shop and loves shoes.

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    Aaron Mercer - Ventura County Staffing Agencies
    Aaron Mercer

    Vice President of Business Development & Marketing

    Aaron has been a part of our Express Oxnard team since November 2013. He is a focused, diligent, and respectful individual whose favorite part of his job is getting to help clients with their personnel needs.

    Aaron is not native to Oxnard but chose to move here with his wife who grew up in the area. Prior to joining our team, Aaron worked in advertising and sales. He is currently a board member of the Employers Advisory Council.

    Aaron has made the "Top 50 Sales Reps" list for both 2016 and 2017. He has also won the "Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce 40 Under 40 Award" for 2018!

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    Teri Klekar - Staffing Agencies in Ventura County, California
    Teri Klekar

    Director of Operations & Training

    Teri Klekar is our Director of Operations and Training who began working with Express in September of 2015. She is a motivated and personable business professional with a 20-year track record of successfully meeting company objectives. She has a talent for quickly mastering policies and procedures. She is experienced in training and developing strong team interview preparation, job search techniques, career planning, job development, and job leads. Prior to working at Express, she worked in the staffing, education, and mortgage industries.

    Her favorite part of working at Express is the positive impact that the team has on people's lives.

    Originally, she is from San Fernando Valley. She got married and moved to Antelope Valley where she raised her two children. While living in Antelope Valley, she had to put up with exhausting daily commutes that could require traveling up to 80 miles one way! Now that her children are grown, Teri and her husband decided to move to Ventura County to feel the cool beach breeze after living in the desert for over 20 years.

    In her free time, she loves spending time outdoors with her family, friends, and pets. She also likes going to concerts and generally enjoying life!

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    Lynne Caputo - Managing Director, Certified Professional Staffing
    Lynne Caputo

    Managing Director of Certified Professional Staffing

    Lynne Caputo, our experienced Managing Director and certified professional staffing expert, has been an outstanding member of the Express Ventura County team since late 2015. Focusing on recruiting accounting and finance professionals, she has a method of determination that is highly valued here at our office.

    Prior to joining Express, Lynn worked in a multitude of management positions for various staffing companies around the country. She has tons of experience dealing with high priority clients and understands the importance of efficiency and promptness when meeting deadlines.

    Lynne brings compelling ideas to the table and helps make our day to day efforts as manageable as possible. It is an honor to have her as an integral part of our team.

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    Staffing Services in Oxnard CA - Andreas Giannopoulos
    Andreas Giannopoulos

    Business Development Manager

    Andreas joined our Ventura County Express team on October 8th, 2018. He is a friendly and outgoing person with a laid-back approach to life and has a good sense of humor. So far, his favorite part of being our Business Development Manager is getting the chance to gain outside sales experience and team selling.

    Born and raised in Massachusetts, Andreas moved to California for an employment opportunity. Before Andreas joined the Express family, he worked as an Industrial Supplier. In his free time, Andreas enjoys honing his music production skills.

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     Nancy Weintraub, Sr. Staffing Consultant / Client Relations Manager
    Nancy Weintraub

    Senior Staffing Consultant / Client Relations Manager

    Nancy has been a member of our Express Oxnard team since August 2006. She is a very stable individual who prides herself on her sense of loyalty and her ability to provide an exceptional staffing experience. Helping others is a passion of hers which makes her that much better at her job. Nancy found her niche in staffing many years ago and moved to Ventura County to further her career.

    When she's not offering her staffing expertise, she can be found bicycle riding or hiking with her dogs that she refers to as her two furry children.

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    Nancy De La Mora - Oxnard Staffing Services
    Nancy De La Mora

    Senior Staffing Consultant

    Nancy started working at our Express office in January 2008. Prior to joining our team, Nancy had dedicated 15 years to providing excellent customer service and sales training to others, as well as serving as a supervisor. She is a dedicated, efficient, and compassionate person who is bilingual (fluent in English and Spanish) and always acts with a sense of urgency when finding the right job for the Associates we represent. Our Associates mean so much to Nancy. She finds that getting to help others obtain paychecks to support their families' is one of her favorites perks of working here. Nancy has also earned our office's Employee of the Year, Best Customer Service, and Highest Producer Awards.

    Outside of Express, Nancy is a wife and a dedicated mother to two beautiful children. She enjoys spending her time off traveling, hiking, swimming, wine tasting, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends.

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    Rosa Rivera - Staffing Agency in Oxnard CA
    Rosa Rivera

    Commercial Team Lead & Senior Staffing Consultant

    Rosa Rivera is our Commercial Team Lead/Sr. Staffing Consultant who started working with us in February of 2012. She was born and raised in the local area. Rosa is a dedicated employee who loves the feeling she gets when she helps people find work. Rosa is a true asset to our team and we are proud to have her with us!

    When Rosa is not working, she enjoys playing soccer and spending time with family.

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    Brenda Garcia - Oxnard Staffing Services
    Brenda Garcia

    Staffing Consultant

    Brenda joined our Express team in September 2016. She is the type of person who is always looking for opportunities to grow and loves to learn new things, even if it isn't directly related to her job. She has more than 10 years of experience in the administrative field in which she has acquired various skills and knowledge in customer service, personnel interaction, recruiting, and medical billing/collections.

    Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico, Brenda relocated to California at a young age. Family is extremely important to her, so when she's not hard at work in the office, she's spending quality time with them. Brenda also enjoys traveling to new places and dreams of getting to visit as many breathtaking natural wonders as she can.

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    Guadalupe Ramirez - Oxnard Recruitment Companies
    Guadalupe “Lupe” Ramirez

    Recruiting Specialist

    We welcomed Lupe to our Ventura County Express team on May 30th, 2019. She is self-motivated, persistent, customer focused, and never passes up a chance to learn something new or grow as a person. Lupe brings with her over 15 years of diverse experience in customer service positions in retail such as Assistant Management, Telemarketing, Dispatching, and Administrative Assistance.

    Lupe was originally born in Mexico but relocated with her family when she was one and has resided in Ventura ever since. When she's not in the office helping people find great job opportunities, she can be found collecting crystals, reading, going on hikes, chasing sunsets, and going to concerts.

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    Jose Mercado - Recruitment Agencies in Oxnard CA
    Jose Mercado

    Recruitment Specialist

    Jose Mercado joined the Express Ventura family on April 16th, 2019 and currently works at our Oxnard location as one of our Recruitment Specialists. Jose has proven to be a very outgoing individual and an excellent multitasker.  So far, Jose's favorite part about working for Express is getting to work with such a kind group of people.

    Born and raised right here in Oxnard, Jose enjoys spending as much quality time with family as possible. He is a firm believer in living the healthiest lifestyle you can and enjoys partaking in any exercise-related activities in his free time. Before Express, Jose worked as a Shipping and Receiving Clerk at an office in Moorpark.

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    Brenda Torres - Recruitment Companies in Oxnard CA
    Brenda Torres

    Recruitment Specialist

    Our Express office welcomed Brenda to the team in February 2019. She is proactive, cheerful, enthusiastic, and outgoing and loves getting to see firsthand how helpful our services are to the community.

    Brenda relocated to the Ventura County area due to her spouse being in the military. Brenda has prior Retail Management, Volunteer/Event Coordinating, and Call Center work experience. In her spare time, Brenda enjoys traveling every chance she gets.

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    Gladys Rivera - Employment Services Oxnard California
    Gladis Rivera

    Employment Specialist

    Gladis joined our Express team in March of 2014. She is an outgoing, helpful, and energetic individual who always aims to be the best at everything she does. One of her favorite things about working in our office is that she gets to help others. Before she joined our Onxard Express team, Gladis was a stay at home mom.

    Gladis was born and raised in Oxnard and loves to spend time with her family.

    Email Gladis Rivera

    Carlos Ruben Perez - Employment Agencies Oxnard CA
    Carlos Ruben Perez

    Employment Specialist

    Express Ventura County welcomed Carlos Perez to our Oxnard team in February 2019. He is a very outgoing and pleasant person who has proven to be dedicated, reliable, and hardworking. His favorite aspect of his job so far is getting the opportunity to play a significant role in helping others find employment.

    Before becoming our Intake Specialist, Carlos worked at a home infusions pharmacy as a Patient Services Representative. In his spare time, Carlos enjoys coaching basketball.

    Email Carlos Ruben Perez

    Ana Tiznado - Oxnard Employment Agency
    Ana Tiznado

    Employment Specialist – Strategic Accounts

    Ana started working on our Oxnard team in April of 2019. She is a friendly and adventurous person who knows how to get the job done while having fun! So far, two of her favorite aspects of working on the Express Ventura County team is the positive energy that flows through the office and the supportive "work family" structure we have in place.

    Ana comes from an HR background, having prior experience working as an Operations Manager for a third-party logistics/manufacturing warehouse. She also has previous work experience in retail, banking, and worked at the student services office of a community college.

    Ana is native to the Oxnard / Ventura County area. She enjoys spending her free time with friends and family - they go to the movies together at least once a week. Ana equally enjoys having "me-time" and will go on solo adventures.

    Email Ana Tiznado

    Blanca Tovar - Oxnard Employment Agency
    Blanca Tovar

    Employment Specialist

    The Oxnard office welcomed Blanca Tovar to Express Ventura County in July 2019. She brings with her a diverse set of prior work experience, having held positions in Healthcare, Case Management, as well as Commercial and Skilled Trade.

    Goal-oriented, compassionate, and accomplished in both her personal and professional life, Briana finds fulfillment in finding that "win-win" situation where an associate and a client are successfully matched.

    Email Blanca Tovar

    Christopher Shoaf

    Employment Specialist

    Chris joined our Oxnard staffing team in August 2019 as one of our Employment Specialists. He is a very energetic person, with just a dash of wittiness. Before he joined our team, Chris worked in sales and customer service property management.

    For Chris, the most rewarding parts of working for Express are having a never-ending supply of opportunities to learn and being constantly pushed into becoming the greatest version of himself.

    In Chris's spare time, he works with other music professionals and is a big fan of collecting shoes.

    Email Christopher Shoaf

    Lucy Gomez - Administrative Jobs Oxnard California
    Lucy Gomez

    Operational Administrative Assistant

    Lucy Gomez was hired on July 7th of 2017 and currently works with us as our Operational Administrative Assistant. Since joining our Oxnard staff, Lucy has shown she is a hard-working, caring, and self-motivated individual who prides herself on being an overachiever.

    Prior to working at our Express office, Lucy worked as a Customer Service Assistant, an Assistant Manager, an Insurance Agent, a Sales Associate, and a Cashier.

    When asked what she values most in her position with Express, she stated that there are two major aspects of her work that are equally important to her. The first is helping her co-workers achieve the level of excellence in the quality of their work. The second is helping associates achieve employment when the right opportunity for them. 

    Born and raised in LA County, Lucy moved here after getting married. She is currently a member of the Calvary Chapel of Oxnard and, when she's not helping our associates get back to work, she can be found spending time with God and her family.

    Email Lucy Gomez

    Melissa Gonzales - Staffing Companies in Oxnard, CA
    Melissa Gonzales

    Operations Administrative Assistant

    Express Oxnard welcomed Melissa Gonzales to our team in January 2018. She is a very friendly and outgoing person with a great sense of organization and a talent for keeping her heavy workflow on point while in a fast-paced environment. During her time as one of our Front Office Coordinators, she enjoyed meeting and getting to know new associates firsthand. She has since taken on the role of Operations Administrative Assistant where her ultimate goal is to keep the quality of our interview process at its best and keep our company in compliance with ISO 9000 regulations.

    Melissa has lived in Oxnard her entire life. Before Express, she worked as an Office Administrator for 6 years at a local agricultural company. Melissa loves getting to spend her free time with her family. On Sunday's, you can find her attending her kids' soccer games.

    Email Melissa Gonzales

    Carmen Sepulveda - Temp Services Oxnard CA
    Carmen Sepulveda

    Payroll Department / Associate Relations

    Carmen began working as our office's Administrative Assistant on February 2nd, 2018 and is now in both our Payroll and Associate Relations Departments. With 8 years of prior Administrative Assistant and payroll personnel experience, it was clear to us that she would be an excellent addition to our staff. Carmen is a caring and energetic person who has a go-getter attitude, a sunny disposition, and the abilities to pick up new things quickly and multitask. When asked what she loved about her job most, Carmen stated that she loves having such awesome co-workers and making sure associates get paid correctly.

    Originally born in Mexico, Carmen relocated to Oxnard with her family when she was 10 years old and has happily lived here ever since. When she isn't hard at work at the office, Carmen can be found spending time with her family and hiking with her friends.

    Email Carmen Sepulveda

    Kimberly Moline - Employment Agency Oxnard CA
    Kimberly Molina

    Front Office Coordinator

    In July 2018, our team welcomed Kimberly to the team as one of our Front Office Coordinators! Understanding, a good listener, and eager to help others, Kimberly has proven herself to be a great addition to our team and excellent at serving as one of our clients and associates first points of contact!

    Born and raised right here in Oxnard, Kimberly has an expansive background in Machine Operating, Quality Analysis, Sales, and Housekeeping. In her current role as our FOC, Kimberly finds that getting to help with the hiring process and then getting to see these people find better work are the most rewarding aspects of working for Express.

    In Kimberly's spare time, she enjoys taking walks and cooking.

    Email Kimberly Molina

    Lilliana Ambriz - Oxnard Staffing Agencies
    Liliana Ambriz

    Front Office Coordinator

    Liliana began working at our Express office in Oxnard, June 2019. She brings with her previous experience working in Sales, a positive attitude, and the ability to be very empathetic. One of her favorite parts of working at Express Employment Professionals is seeing how happy our associates get when they've been chosen for a great job opportunity!

    Liliana has been a resident of Oxnard since she was 12 years old. Before that, she lived in Northern California. When she isn't hard at work in the office accepting inquiries, over the phone and in person, Liliana enjoys spending time at the beach and reading.

    Email Liliana Ambriz

    Cindy Zerlin, Strategic Business Partner
    Kathy A. Quintanilla

    Safety/Risk Specialist

    Kathy was hired on as our Safety Risk Specialist on November 26th, 2017 and has found that meeting clients and working with them on their safety practices, as well as working with our associates to help them get back to work are two of her favorite things about her job. She is described by coworkers as passionate, honest, dedicated , and a "people person" by nature. Kathy takes her job very seriously and always does whatever it takes to get the job done the right way.

    Kathy has over 25 years of Human Resource experience. Her staffing Industry experience has been established over 13 years with 6 of those years working with a PEO and gaining more safety/risk experience while managing a staffing company. Her 12 years of experience working in worker's compensation and safety has made Kathy a valued addition to our staffing team!

    A native to the Ventura County area, Kathy moved to Los Angeles to attend Mount St. Mary's University and earn a BA in Business Analysis and a minor in English, and she remained living there for over 8 years. She also lived in Pittsburgh, PA for a short time before moving back to Ventura County and living in Moorpark for the past 23 years.

    Kathy has been working on her SHRM certification, having previously been a member, and volunteers at her local church. When she's not working in the office, or generously volunteering her time to our community, Kathy can be found spending time with any of her 10 godchildren or cooking foods from her Mom's family recipes.

    Email Kathy A. Quintanilla

    Marina Flores, Marketing Coordinator
    Marina Flores

    Marketing Specialist

    Marina Flores joined our Ventura County Express team on January 7th, 2019. As a person, she is serious and well-meaning, but also passionate and considerate. As an employee, Marina has proven to be a competitive go-getter who is always looking for ways to learn and grow.  

    A seasoned Marketing Specialist, Marina is a promoter of underrepresented communities regarding higher education and had given workshops before becoming an Express employee. The most rewarding part of working at Express, for Marina, is knowing she's able to make a difference in other people's lives.   

    When Marina isn't helping Express get our voice heard throughout our Thousand Oaks and Oxnard communities, she enjoys playing her trumpet, Tinman. Trained in concert and mariachi, Marina also enjoys playing swing or jazz. Another hobby Marina enjoys is whittling. She mostly focuses on carving spoons but loves making skeleton keys. 

    Email Marina Flores

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