• Associate of the Month

    Courtney, April 2018

    Courtney, April 2018

    We would like to congratulate our April 2018 Associate of the Month, Courtney! 

    Courtney's supervisor raved about Courtney's attitude and work ethic! "Courtney certainly stands out and sets the bar high for future candidates. I appreciate her positive, hard-working, “can-do” attitude and she truly lives our motto... I can’t thank you enough for sending her to us."

    Congrats, Courtney! Keep up the great work!

    Amber, March 2018

    Amber, March 2018

    Help us congratulate our March Associate of the Month, Amber! 

    Amber's supervisor had several great things to say about Amber, "Miss Amber has taken on the role of Resident Manager.  She requires little to no directions and she oversees maintenance.  Amber has a great outlook on life and is very pleasant with the residents. Amber jumped in with both feet and is never afraid to try and learn new things. We are pleased to have Miss Amber as part of our team." 

    Congrats, Amber and keep up the hard work! 

    Kim, January 2018

    Kim, January 2018

    Please help us congratulate our January Associate of the Month, Kimberly! 

    Kim's supervisor said, "Kim is a very enthusiastic and helpful addition. She has an amazing attention to detail, which has allowed her to grow quickly in her position. We are glad to have her on board!”

    We appreciate your hard work! Keep it up, Kim!

    Keith, Nov 2017

    Keith, November 2017

    We would like to congratulate our November Associate of the Month, Keith!

    Keith's supervisor said," Keith does a great job every day and I try to make sure and tell him daily so he comes back the next day."

    Great job, Keith! Keep up the hard work!

    Dave, Sept 2017

    Dave, September 2017

    We would like to congratulate Dave, our September 2017 Associate of the Month!

    Dave’s supervisor said excellent things about him.

    Great job, Dave. Keep up the hard work!

    TessaTessa, April 2017

    We would like to congratulate April's Associate of the month, Tessa!

    Tessa’s supervisor says, “Tessa has a great attitude and is always willing to take on more.”

    We appreciate your hard work and eagerness! Congratulations!

    Peggy 3Peggy, February 2017

    Peggy's supervisor had this to say about her, “We are so pleased to have Peggy join our office. She is tremendous. We have a variety of software programs and she jumped in and is already proficient on most. She has also taken the initiative to rearrange files, clean out the clutter and keep us in line. Her work is excellent and she completes it quickly. She is extremely professional and our clients love her. She also has a terrific sense of humor.”

    Great job, Peggy! 

    Jeff 3Jeff, October 2016

    We would like to congratulate our Employee of the Month, Jeff!

    If you noticed the bandages on his hands, it’s because he suffered burns on his hands at home and STILL did not miss any days at work! His supervisor said he’s very reliable and a hard worker.

    We appreciate your hard work and reliability! Congratulations!

    Peter 3Peter, August 2016

    Peter’s supervisor says, “Peter is always consistent, reliable, and works very hard!”

    Congrats, Peter!

    Bobbie 3Bobbie, April 2016

    Her manager had this to say about her: “We have been fortunate enough to have Bobbie in our Seymour office covering for a maternity leave. During her short time, our office has been plagued with unexpected situations and Bobbie Jo has been more than happy to jump right in with both feet. I appreciate her “gung ho” attitude and she has become a very important player on our team.”

    Congratulations, Bobbie!

    KimKim, March 2016

    Kim’s supervisor said “Kim has become a valued member of our team and exceeded all expectations and more!”

    Congratulations, Kim!

    Roger 2Roger, December 2014

    Roger’s supervisor had this to say about him: “Roger has excelled at learning his job functions and streamlining manufacturing processes. He realized by performing a basic calculation that he can cut down his manufacturing preparation time by at least 30 minutes. He has a great attitude and works hard as well as smart.”

    Congratulations, and thanks for doing such a great job!

    Mark 2Mark, November 2014

    Regarding Mark’s performance, his supervisor said, “Mark comes in every day and gives 110%. His production rate is excellent and his scrap/rework rate is among the lowest in the company. He is determined, persistent, knowledgeable, quality minded, and extremely helpful to everyone. Mark has been a key part of the recent successes of 2nd shift and I look forward to him being a part of our team in the future.”

    Congratulations, Mark!

    Jodi 2Jodi, October 2014

    Jodi said, “Thank you for choosing me as the Employee of the Month! I really like it here. Everyone has been very nice. I’m thankful for this opportunity!”

    Congrats, Jodi! 

    Micah 2Micah, August 2014

    Congratulations to Micah, our August 2014 Employee of the Month!

    Our client said, “He is a very good employee. He’s here every day and on time! He has never been late. Micah is a hard worker! His production and the quality of his work has been very good and has increased weekly.”