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    Questions, questions! We all have them and we're glad that some of you aren't afraid to ask. For those of you who haven't connected with us, we've put together a list of our most frequently asked questions from our associates. If you don't see yours on there, please contact us and let us know. We're always happy to help.


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    Q. When do I get paid?  
    A. Payroll is weekly, Monday to Sunday. You receive your pay cheque on Fridays.  
    Q. How long does it take to get paid by direct deposit? 
    A. Direct deposit takes three weeks to set up. You will have to pick up your cheques for the first two weeks at our office, and then, in the third week, your pay will be directly deposited in your bank account. If you are changing your account information you need to let us know ahead of time by end-of-day (5 pm) on Monday to avoid payroll issues.  

    Q. Why did you only pay me one cent? 
    A.  When you first start with us, our head office deposits one cent into your bank account to make sure your account is viable. The following week you will have your full pay deposited in your bank account. 
    Q. Why didn’t I get statutory (stat) holiday pay? 
    A. If you missed your last scheduled shift before OR your first scheduled shift after a stat holiday, you do not qualify for stat holiday pay. The stat pay earned is based on the 4 weeks (20 working days) prior to the holiday. You are not guaranteed a full 8 hours of pay for the stat day if you missed shifts during the 4-week time period. 

    Q. Can I contact you outside of office business hours?
    A. We have an after-hours service available evenings and weekends. Call our main office phone number, 519-251-1115 and dial 1, and leave a detailed message – this will be the fastest way to get a response.  
    Q. In what situation can I call the after-hours phone line? 
    A. Calling the after-hours line is useful to report attendance issues or share questions or concerns about your job. 
    Q. I have a friend who is looking for work: can Express help them? 
    A. One-third of all Express associates come from associate referrals. We have a long history of helping our associates’ friends and families find good jobs, and we appreciate their referrals. 
    Q. What is a “Workforce” account? 
    A. A Workforce account is an online portal where Express associates can access important information like their payroll information or T4 statements. To create a Workforce account, go to

    Q. What type of safety boots are required? 
    A. Some jobs may require personal protective equipment. Most of our clients provide all that you need. You may be required to have your own pair of steel toed CSA approved footwear.  

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  • Have more questions? Contact an Express representative. We're here to help.