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  • 10-9 Onboarding In a Low Unemployment Economy, the Best Retention Policy is a Good Onboarding Policy Howell/Brighton MI - 10/11/2019 With unemployment at long-time lows, retaining talented employees is a top concern among employers, but many fail to realize that the right retention strategy begins before the new employee even walks through the door. In today's hiring climate, a welcoming onboarding experience is essential to employee retention. 
    9-24-19 Recession Area Recession Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Businesses Don’t See One Soon Howell/Brighton MI - 09/26/2019 An overwhelming majority of business leaders surveyed in a new Express Employment Professionals poll don't expect a recession within the next six months, despite increased media focus on the possibility of an upcoming downturn.
    Perks 9-12-19 Happy Hours, Oil Changes and “Furry Fridays”—The Latest Trends in Employee Perks Howell/Brighton MI - 09/12/2019 Wages are on the rise and so are opportunities for workers to score a free lunch, win a vacation, enjoy a flexible schedule or bring their dog to work. In the modern workplace where employers are fighting fiercely to recruit new employees and keep the ones they have, employee perks are becoming more important and more creative.
    8-28-19 AE White, Grey, and Blue Collar Workers: Haunted by Past, Worried About Future, Content with Present Howell/Brighton MI - 08/28/2019 Following the inaugural survey of America's blue collar workers in 2018, Express Employment Professionals has partnered once again with The Harris Poll to learn more about how today's white collar workers compare with blue collar employees and those who fall in the middle-grey collar professions. 
    How School Are Failing 8-14-19 How Schools Are Failing Workers—And 10 Ways to Fix It Howell/Brighton MI - 08/14/2019
    • According to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of open jobs in the United States continues to exceed the number of job seekers. Employers lament the fact that schools are not preparing job seekers with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Notably, these are not just technical skills. There is also a persistent "soft skills" gap.

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  • 10-18-2019-BIBI-SALESummit

    Express Employment Professionals Donates $125,000 to Nonprofits Across the U.S.

    OKLAHOMA CITY - October 18, 2019

    Express Employment Professionals, along with 15 of its franchise locations across the United States, is donating a total of $125,000 to several nonprofits.

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