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    The Grand Rapids, Michigan, Express office was founded in 1996 and is proud to serve the West Michigan business community with a full offering of recruiting, training, and human resource services. Since we opened our doors we have focused on not only helping companies find top talent, but also helping them develop and retain that talent. Training is KEY for growth and development for any organization. An organization that promotes a culture of ongoing training and development for its employees benefits from higher retention, increased productivity, and stronger engagement.

    Our goal is to help people be successful as well as to help companies be healthy and sustainable. We saw a need for companies to engage and retain their employees at a higher level and we believe the best way to support organizations is through both Talent Services and Training and Development. All of our training programs can be customized for your organization and held onsite at your company or at our training center.

  • Our Passion for Training

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  • Workplace Solutions

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    Apprenticeship Program

    The program will allow your company to successfully train your next skilled trades workforce through the use of approved United States Department of Labor (DOL) Apprenticeship Standards.

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    The coaching process focuses on looking at perspective, reactions/responses, strengths, and values and how to better leverage those areas for achievement and sustainability of goals.

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    HR Consulting

    Our team of Human Resource experts can help provide customized solutions for your business.

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    Our team of manufacturing experts can help provide onsite solutions for a host of manufacturing, operation, and workforce situations.

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    Choose between a number of different assessments, such as EQ-i, AMP, or DISC, to provide new strategies for your team members.