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  • Training Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs

    The Grand Rapids, Michigan, Express office was founded in 1996 and is proud to serve the West Michigan business community with a full offering of recruiting, training, and human resource services. Since we opened our doors we have focused on not only helping companies find top talent, but also helping them develop and retain that talent. Training is KEY for growth and development for any organization. An organization that promotes a culture of ongoing training and development for its employees benefits from higher retention, increased productivity, and stronger engagement.

    Our goal is to help people be successful as well as to help companies be healthy and sustainable. We saw a need for companies to engage and retain their employees at a higher level and we believe the best way to support organizations is through both Talent Services and Training and Development. All of our training programs can be customized for your organization and held onsite at your company or at our training center.

  • Our Passion for Training

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  • Signature Development Series

    The Signature Development Series focuses on the key areas that will enhance employee engagement, build stronger leadership teams, and increase retention for your organization. Each training will take a deep dive into a specific area and develop comprehensive understanding and experience for your teams.

    Purpose-Driven Leadership Training

    This eight-session leadership training program is designed to help new and seasoned leaders bring out the best in the people they lead.

    Supervisor Boot Camp

    This two day training boot camp provides the practical tools, tips, and techniques necessary for your front line management to thrive in the day-to-day battle of the manufacturing world.

    Express Lean Series

    This four-session training program provides a practical, hands-on perspective to the culture of Lean manufacturing.

  • Additional Training Categories

  • Operational Excellence

    Developing Operational Excellence is a key component to any organization's success. This category of training is focused on practical skills to help your organization become more effective and efficient. Select courses are available as open enrollment events throughout the year. All courses can be customized and hosted for a group from your company.  

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development is designed for anyone looking to advance their career, either as a leader or individual contributor. This category of training focuses on individual skills to build self-awareness, communication, and management abilities. Select courses are available as open enrollment events throughout the year. All courses can be customized and hosted for a group from your company.

  • Team Development

    Successful companies look beyond individual strengths and develop their teams to achieve even greater results as a unit. Team Development training focuses on methods to understand your team's strengths and weaknesses, how to improve team dynamics, and remove dysfunctions. Select courses are available as open enrollment events throughout the year. All courses can be customized and hosted for a group from your company. 

  • Quality Systems

    Quality Systems training helps coordinate and direct an organization's activities to meet customer requirements and improve efficiency on a continuous basis. This category of training is intended for those involved in quality management, engineering, product development, plant management, or other relevant fields. Select courses are available as open enrollment events throughout the year. See the insert at the end of this brochure for dates. All courses can be customized and hosted for a group from your company.

  • Manufacturing Skills

    With the growing skills gap in the manufacturing and skilled trades fields, training your team has become an essential component of a sustainable talent attraction and retention strategy. Manufacturing Skills training focuses on the most in-demand manufacturing skills in West Michigan. All training is offered on a customized company-specific basis. We collaborate with you to design custom training programs to meet your specific needs. Training can include both classroom learning and onsite training at your company using your own machines and equipment. 

  • Development Programs

  • Apprenticeship Program Thumbnail CTA

    Apprenticeship Program

    The program will allow your company to successfully train your next skilled trades workforce through the use of approved United States Department of Labor (DOL) Apprenticeship Standards.

  • The Year of the Leader Icon CTA

    The Year of the Leader

    The Year of the Leader is a collection of carefully selected Express Employment Professionals training courses designed to bring a group of your leaders to a new level of performance and excellence.

  • Coaching Thumbnail CTA


    The coaching process focuses on looking at perspective, reactions/responses, strengths, and values and how to better leverage those areas for achievement and sustainability of goals.

  • Consulting Thumbnail CTA


    Our team of manufacturing experts can help provide onsite solutions for a host of manufacturing, operation, and workforce situations.

  • The Year of the Team Thumbnail

    The Year of the Team

    The Year of the Team is designed for teams that need to increase engagement, improve performance, and achieve positive business outcomes.

  • Assessments Thumbnail CTA


    Choose between a number of different assessments, such as EQ-i, AMP, or DISC, to provide new strategies for your team members.

  • HR Consulting Thumbnail CTA

    HR Consulting

    Our team of Human Resource experts can help provide customized solutions for your business.