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    an Express Employment Professionals Company

    Since 1983, Express Employment Professionals has been connecting the workforce to the workplace, serving millions of job seekers and hundreds of thousands of employers. We’ve been on the frontlines hearing the challenges employers are facing, understanding the mindset of the workforce, and studying the demographic trends shaping our future. 

    Now our partnership with our clients goes deeper than ever before through Frontline Training Solutions, an Express Employment Professionals company. Born out of a desire to do more for the companies we serve, Frontline is dedicated to providing the solutions you need to train, develop, and retain your workforce. We provide practical training and consulting solutions born out of real life experiences to help our clients become employers of choice and to be sustainable for the future.

    Our mission is to transform organizations by developing people, inspiring growth, and unlocking potential.

  • Training & Development Programs

  • Human Resources

  • hrpro22The Human Resources Professional

    Take your human resources knowledge to the next level, exploring topics like: workplace engagement, navigating conflict, and connecting HR to business results.

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  • frontlinehr22The Frontline Human Resources Manager

    Become the HR manager your organization needs by exploring topics like: HR data and metrics, change management, HR maturity models, and more.

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  • strathr22Strategic HR Leadership

    Learn how to become a strategic HR leader to help move your company forward, exploring topics like: organizational culture, talent management, and more.

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  • strat wp 22Strategic Workforce Planning

    This hands-on training program will provide the resources for participants to create a strategic workforce plan that addresses the current talent crisis and long-term labor shortage.

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  • Leadership Development

  • pdlt22Purpose Driven Leadership Training

    Learn how to build a better workplace culture and better influence those you lead by “turning the mirror” on yourself.

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  • dcl22Developing Coaching Leaders

    This 3-day training will help leaders see the difference between managing others and being a coaching leader.

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  • lf22Leadership Foundations

    This training is focused on the foundational building blocks of leadership.

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  • sbc22Supervisor Boot Camp

    Our Supervisor Boot Camp training provides the practical tools, tips, and techniques necessary for your frontline management to thrive in the day-to-day battle of manufacturing leadership.

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  • leadingchange22Leading Change

    This training will provide an in-depth understanding of effective change management with a practical project based approach.

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  • Operations

  • time22Time Management

    This course teaches ways to manage your behaviors to be more productive with the time you have.

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  • pm22Project Management Essentials

    Learn the mechanics of effective project management, how to get people onboard, and achieve successful results.

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  • Professional Development

  • advancedei22Advanced Emotional Intelligence

    Our Advanced Emotional Intelligence training course can help you understand your emotional intelligence on a deeper level and develop strategies for continuous improvement.

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  • cc22Courageous Conversations

    This training will introduce radical candor as a model to professionally navigate difficult conversations.

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  • fei22Foundations of Emotional Intelligence

    Improve your team collaboration and leadership abilities through a deeper understanding of your own emotional intelligence.

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  • 5star225-Star Customer Service

    This training is designed to create a culture of excellence focused customer service within your organization.

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  • Team Development

  • wac22Working Across Cultures

    This training will help participants improve cross-cultural understanding and communication within their organization.

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  • decision22Decision Making and Innovation

    This in person training will help identify personal and team barriers to decision making, critical problem solving, and innovation.

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  • transforming22Transforming Workplace Conflict

    Take conflict from being a workplace dread, to an asset. Transforming Workplace Conflict helps learners curb destructive behaviors in the moment so conflict can become more productive.

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  • wbt22Working Better Together

    Working Better Together is an in-depth training that utilizes the DiSC assessment, to give employees the ability to build more productive and effective relationships at work.

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