Associates For Life Program

  • Employee Assistance Program 

    From Express Employment Professionals. Powered by MHN A Health Net Company

    • Express Employment Professionals is proud to provide our employees and associates with only the best employee assistance program, thanks to our partnership with MHM.

      How can we Help?

    • Life can be complicated. With MHN, getting help is easy.

      Your EAP is here to help with life’s many challenges. MHN provides the following services, paid for by your employer.

      Remember that EAP services are not medical care or mental health treatment of any kind. If, in the course of a consultation, clinical problems are suspected, including drug or alcohol problems, we will offer a referral to appropriate medical or mental health services.

      Problem-Solving Support

    • Call us for help with life’s ups and downs. We’re here 24/7 to connect or refer you to a professional who can help with:

      • Marriage, family, and relationship issues.
      • Problems in the workplace.
      • Stress, anxiety, and sadness.
      • Grief, loss, or response to a tramatic event.
      • Concerns about your use of alcohol or drugs.

      When you call, you can make an appointment that works for you:

      • Face-to-face sessions – Meet with a provider from our network (for example, a counselor, marriage and family therapist, or psychologist) in his or her office. We can provide a referral when you call us.
      • Phone or web-video consultations – Easily accessed support provided by a network provider or MHN consultant.

      Work and Life Services

      Our experts can help you balance your work with your life!1 Call us for:

      • Childcare and eldercare assistance – We’ll find out what kind of help you need caring for children or elders in your life. Then we’ll give you names and numbers of providers in your area with confirmed openings.
      • Financial services – Talk to an advisor over the phone about:
        • Budgeting.
        • Credit and financial questions (investment advice, loans, and bill payments not included).
        • Retirement planning.
      • Legal services – Talk to a lawyer over the phone or face to face about:
        • Civil, consumer and criminal law.
        • Personal and family law, including adoption, divorce, and custody issues.
        • Financial or tax matters. (Business matters are excluded. Also excluded are any disputes or actions between members and their employer, business partners, MHN, Health Net, or their affiliates.)
        • Real estate.
        • Estate Planning.
      • Identity theft recovery services – Speak with a certified consumer credit counselor who can learn more about your situation and help you create a plan. If there is a potential of ID theft, we’ll connect you to an identity recovery specialist.
      • Daily living services – Need help with errands? Planning an event or a vacation? We’ll track down businesses and consultants for you. (MHN does not cover the cost nor guarantee delivery of vendors’ services.)

      MHM Members Website can help with:
      • Childcare and eldercare directories.
      • Tips, tools, and calculators to help you with finances, legal issues, and retirement planning.

      Health and Wellness Resources

      Take charge of your well-being! MHN can help. Just register on our member website to:

      • Assess your health and get tips for living better.
      • Track progress towards your wellness goals.
      • Take advantage of interactive e-learning programs.
      • Find articles and videos about health topics.

      Call your EAP number to learn more about our wellness coaching services – personalized support to help you set and reach your wellness goals.

      This is just a summary. For details about services and eligibility, please contact MHN or your employer, or check your plan documents (such as an Evidence of Coverage booklet or Summary Plan Description).

      Your Privacy

      EAP services are confidential. Your privacy is important to us, and it is protected by state and federal laws.

      Need Help?

      Call toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 1-855-789-5915
      5915TTY users call 711.
      Or visit
      and register with the company code: eep

      You are entitled to 3 face-to-face sessions or telephonic or web-video consultations for problem-solving support per incident, per calendar year.

      Separate limits apply for work-life consultations.