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    More than 20 courses including using Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and some Adobe design products. 

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    Includes courses for time management, communication, and customer service. 

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    A resource for forklift safety, food safety, lock out tag out, and more. 

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    Nonprofit Guide

    Some job seekers struggle due to barriers in their life. This guide can be a helpful resource for those...

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    Job Genius

    Video based training on the job market forecast, resumes and interviewing, how to find job openings, and building a career path.

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    Career White Papers

    Learn what format is best for your resume – PDF vs Word, and how to achieve work/life balance.

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    With tips and advice on everything from the job search to finding work life balance, Express’ Job Journey blog is a great resource for employees and job seekers alike. 

    • Nearly Two Years In: How Are We Handling the Pandemic?

      Back in 2019, no one could have guessed what was in store. But here we are nearly two years later, and COVID-19 has changed the way we work, learn, and connect. For employment, jobs seekers don’t expect, or really event want, work to go back to the previous status quo. Here are some statistics about what the job search looks like now, courtesy of Job Journey polls and a recent The Harris Poll Survey commissioned by Express Employment Professionals. Remote work is now the norm. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed say they work more hours remotely than in-person. When it comes time to go back to the workplace, job seekers value safety measures: mask requirements, a socially distanced workplace, workplace sanitation/disinfection procedures, and provided PPE top the list of what they want to see to feel safe. The pandemic has taken a toll on job seeker morale, with 66% thinking overall workplace dynamics and interpersonal relationships will be worse than prior to the pandemic, compared to 22% who think things …

      Thu, 25 Nov 2021

    • Giving Thanks to Your Resume

      It’s that time of year again. A time to eat turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and give thanks. It’s Thanksgiving Thursday! And what better way to celebrate the holiday than giving thanks to our favorite job search tool, the resume. We thank our resumes for always being with us, and for traveling the unknown of the world wide web to meet with interviewers. But more than saying our thanks, we should show it with some resume updates, too! Here are a few ways to ensure your resume sparkles this holiday season. Condense, condense, condense! Recruiters get hundreds of resumes, so they can’t spend a ton of time on each one. If you want a recruiter to review your entire resume, brevity is the way to go. This doesn’t mean you need to cut jobs that are relevant to the position you’re applying for; instead, use bullet points and subheads to save on space. Show your remote work capabilities. If you’ve worked remotely during the pandemic, make sure to include that information …

      Tue, 23 Nov 2021

    • Increasing Wages and Benefits Great News for Workers

      By Julie Neal, Corporate Communications and PR Specialist for Express Employment Professionals International Headquarters Demand for workers is critical right now with more than 10 million job openings in the U.S., and businesses are willing to offer high wages and more benefits to fill positions this holiday season. Companies seem to realize the importance of competitive pay as the majority (63%) expect the average wage at their company will increase for the remainder of 2021. And that’s been steadily growing over the past year (52% in the first half of 2020, 58% in the second half of 2020, and 63% in the first half of 2021)! This is according to a new survey from The Harris Poll commissioned by Express Employment Professionals. In addition to high pay, 43% of businesses expect their company’s benefit offerings to increase in the next quarter, which means now is the right time to land your next job or make a move to a more lucrative one. If you are just entering the workforce or …

      Fri, 19 Nov 2021