• Community Outreach

  • Zip Up With Express as we are participating in the Easton School District T-shirt drive to benefit Pediatric Cancer patients! Zip With Us is a nonprofit organization dedicated to donating a “Zip shirt” to every pediatric cancer patient with a vascular access device (Medi port) so that they do not have to remove clothing to receive treatments. These shirts reduce fear and anxiety while promoting dignity during the port access and treatment process. Please consider donating NEW t-shirts with tags in sizes 2T-XL to support!

  • The Kindness Project 3

  • Express Employment are always eager to work with all types of charities and non-profit organizations.Express believes solely in building up a community and giving back in many ways, if you would like to team up with Express Employment on our next food drive or if you are a company that are looking for charitable donations, please fill out the form below.We look forward to working with you in the future,thanks for stopping by.

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