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    "This worked out exactly the way you would hope a staffing agency would. I sat and talked to them about what I needed and they worked really hard to find me a decent paying job that worked with my skill set. The job was exactly what they promised. The pay was exactly what they promised. No issues getting my checks, holiday pay, vacation time... etc. Lucy, Reggie, and Amy run a real class act!"

    -Nicole C.

    "Express was very prompt in setting up interviews right away. The staff was very supportive in helping me with the process."

    -Clint S.

    "Great place to work. Very polite!"

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    -Paradise L. 

    "I love it. They will get you in the best jobs ever!! Its more like a family."

    -Marcell C.

    "Hands down best experience with a staffing agency ever!! Highly recommend!"

    -Mikayla F.