Apprenticeship Program Management FAQ's

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  • What is an apprenticeship program?
  • What are the components of an apprenticeship?
  • Why are apprenticeships important?
  • What business problems do you think that apprenticeships can solve?


  • What is the current market outlook for skilled workers?


  • What does a business get in return for investing in an apprenticeship program?
  • What are the future impacts of not taking action as the skills gap gets larger and larger?
  • What is West Michigan MADE?
  • How did you come up with the idea to form it?
  • How does Express Employment Professionals manage apprenticeship programs?
  • What obligations does Express have to the Department of Labor?
  • How customizable is an apprenticeship program?
  • What is the Industrial Manufacturing Technician apprenticeship program all about?
  • How does a company contact you to learn more?
  • What doors did your apprenticeship open for you?
  • Have a question not answered here? Contact us!