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  • COVID-19 webinar series

  • Supporting Businesses Through Uncertain Times

    As a premier workforce solution provider, Express Employment Professionals is committed to providing you with relevant resources and support during this time. Please know that our team is passionate about continuing to support you with all of your recruiting, training, and workforce needs. 

    Free Webinar Series (recordings)

    HR Support During COVID-19 Outbreak - Session 1 (March 20)

    HR Support During COVID-19 Outbreak - Session 2 (March 27)

    HR Support During COVID-19 Outbreak  - Session 3 (April 3)

    During this time of uncertainty as COVID-19 continues to disrupt our daily lives, business leaders and HR professionals are facing unprecedented circumstances. We want to address some of the most pressing questions our HR consulting team has been hearing from the field. We will also open up the webinar to questions from attendees so you can receive guidance on issues you are facing. This will be an informal webinar guided by you and your questions.

    Key Topics:

    • HR 6201
    • Unemployment expansions
    • PTO and FMLA implications
    • How to best support employees
    • How to manage a remote workforce
    • How to manage a workforce that can’t be remote
    • Putting in place safeguards that will protect your business
    • Voluntary Layoff vs. Mandatory Layoff: Creative management to reduce financial risk and engage employees
    • How and what to communicate to employees
    • Creating an environment that reduces the spread of COVID-19
    • Consideration and review of the pandemic and how to implement company policies
    • What to do if someone tests positive for COVID-19
    • Can we require self-quarantine?
    • Can we send an employee home if they are sick?
    • Can we prevent employees from work and personal travel?

    Reducing the Impact of Sustained Stress on You and Your Workforce (March 26)

    This is a time of unprecedented, global, socio-economic-health stress for all involved. Everyone is having to constantly adjust to new realities and a new normal with respect to the basics of everyday life. This can create a cumulative load of work-life stress that, if not managed well, leads to other factors and secondary stressors that reduces leadership capacity.

    All of us, especially those in leadership roles, have to find ways to effectively manage daily stressors, make healthy adjustments, and learn how to increase our resilience so we can function effectively at home and at work, and continue to lead those who depend on us.

    Key Topics:

    • How we typically handle everyday stress
    • How prolonged exposure to stress impacts our ability to function effectively
    • How emotional intelligence helps us more effectively manage stress
    • How to recognize stress overload in yourself and what to do about it.
    • What first responders have learned about responding to large scale disasters
    • How to deliver difficult news (layoffs, closing, illness, death, etc. )
    • How to recognize and respond to stress-overload in others
    • The basics of good self-care, and how it equips us to lead.
    • How wellbeing (being present, being active, learning, connecting with others, and giving) promotes psychological resilience
    • The importance of finding ways to promote wellbeing, especially for those working remotely

    How to Lead, Manage, and Support Team Members who are Working from Home (April 2)

    We’re all working from home, learning to use video networking software, and exploring how best to put it to use. Still isolation is disorienting. It amplifies our uncertainties. Then there are the children at our feet! Leaders are now having to devise new management practices to support their team members working from home. In this webinar, Express Employment Professionals host Lorraine Medici and special guest, executive coach, Ray Befus, will discuss best practices for supporting the productivity (and sanity) of team members who are working from home.

    Key Topics:

    • Provide practical guidance to help remote workers manage their new environment and time.
    • Establish new rhythms of communication that provide remote workers with clear direction and meaningful personal and professional support on a regular, even daily, basis.
    • Adopt tools that managers can use to clarify priorities and provide accountability from week to week or day to day.
    • Identify fresh ways to affirm effective performance and celebrate individual and team wins.

    The Case for Emotional Intelligence: Maximizing Performance During Adversity (April 9)

    Now more than ever, our emotions and the way we react or respond to what we are feeling can greatly impact our performance. Whether you are working onsite or remotely, our greatest strategy in navigating unknown and unprecedented conditions is staying the course. In this one-hour webinar, you will learn about:

    • Four pillars of Emotional Intelligence
    • Specific strategies for each pillar to stay the course
    • Strengthening competencies of impulse control, stress tolerance and problem solving

    Welcoming Back the Workforce (April 24)

    Join us for a town hall style webinar to hear from Express Employment Professional experts as they discuss how organizations need to begin preparing for the return of their workforce. It is still difficult to predict when the majority of the workforce will return to their places of work, but two things are certain:
    1. Businesses will re-open and welcome back their employees
    2. Things will not be the same as they were before

    Our training and consulting team will approach this topic from three key perspectives:
    -Operations and Safety
    -Human Resources and Employee Relations
    -Leadership and Coaching

    We are always looking forward to the hope beyond the crisis and we want to empower you and your team to do the same. Join us for this insightful and motivational event to help set your sights on the comeback ahead!

    Preparing Your Small or Mid-Size Business for a Comeback (April 30)

    In the midst of this current crisis, business leaders can be encumbered or even paralyzed by fear. The result is that they spend too much time reacting to chaotic developments. Whatever the case for you, it’s time to pivot toward the future and begin planning to overcome threats, take advantage of opportunities, and fight for a future that can only be won by adopting new strategies and implementing new tactics. It’s time to go to war. Leadership matters more than ever. Most of us will look back on this crisis as a defining crossroad in our leadership and our organization’s transformation.

    1. Recognize the Realities
    2. Declare War
    3. Assess Your Threats and Opportunities
    4. Take Resolute Action

    Welcoming Back Your Workers (May 8)

    In this webinar we focus on addressing specific HR and Operational challenges companies are facing as workers begin to return.

    We address these HR topics:
    • Policies: It's time to review the new normal
    • Processes: Do your HR processes support the need for today
    • Documentation: The extreme importance of documenting well and having good documentation

    We also discuss these operational topics:
    • The operational importance of having a great safety plan
    • How to make a safety plan
    • Communicating the plan to the returning worker

    The State of Manufacturing in Michigan (May 15)

    We are continue our “Supporting Businesses Through Uncertain Times” webinar series with a look into the state of the manufacturing industry. We were excited to host John Walsh, President & CEO of the Michigan Manufacturers Association, as a guest speaker for this week’s webinar. During this conversational presentation we explore:

    • The impact of the pandemic on the manufacturing sector
    • Where does the manufacturing industry currently stand in terms of the Michigan stay at home order
    • What do manufacturers need to be doing as they return to work and ramp back up operations
    • Looking to the future on what we should expect during the recovery and post-pandemic phases, specifically in manufacturing

     Communicating the plan to the returning worker

    Wellbeing Strategies for Your Post-Pandemic Workforce (May 22)

    This webinar provides tips, insights and strategies aiding the post-pandemic return to the workplace. Active and furloughed employees alike are experiencing the cumulative effects of pandemic stress. Many are simply short on patience and exhausted by the ever-present danger to health, uncertain economics, and loss of connection with friends and family. The prospect of returning to work brings new concerns, more uncertainty and the need to adapt, again, to new ways of doing things. In short it adds more stress to those who now have diminished capacity to adjust.

    We discuss:
    1. How to use the ACT approach to reduce stress loads for employees, and help them successfully transition back to work.
    2. How to support returning employees by creating a workplace culture that includes the 5 components of a Well-being Workplace, which in turn equips employees to successfully adapt to the new ways of working.

    1. Gain insight Into the human stress response cycle and how to help employees adjust to change
    2. Learn how to reduce stress and lead by ACTing: Acknowledging, Communicating and Transitioning
    3. Learn how to create a Well-being Workplace by helping employees be: Active, Present, Connected, Learning and Generous

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