PDF or Word Resume White Paper

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  • Which Electronic Resume Format Is Right For You? 

    Today, emailing an electronic format of your resume to an employer or hiring manager is pretty much standard. But, with so many job seekers sending numerous resumes in a variety of formats, which one is going to get past the clutter and in front of the employer?

    It all comes down to two formats going head to head for the coveted title as ruler of all resumes. Is it the tried-and-true Microsoft Word®or the popular fan favorite Adobe PDF®? As a job seeker, it comes down to which format is right for you. Check out “The Heavyweight Debate: PDF vs. Word Resumes” whitepaper that will give you an engaging walk through both resume formats and how they can affect your job search.

    This fun and informative whitepaper is available free of charge. So download it now to join in on the heavyweight debate and improve your job search with a more effective resume.

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