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  • Empowering America’s Workforce: Express Celebrates Contingent Workers for National Staffing Employee Week

    OKLAHOMA CITY - September 06, 2023

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    9-6-23-ASA-National-Staffing-Week-GraphicAs the U.S. gears up to celebrate National Staffing Employee Week from Sept. 11 to 17, Express Employment International is proud to shine a spotlight on the valuable contributors to the nation's workforce—temporary and contract workers.

    These skilled and flexible individuals play a critical role in the success of businesses across various industries, and this special week, established by the American Staffing Association (ASA), offers an opportunity to recognize their efforts.

    According to the ASA, nearly 3 million temporary and contract employees work for staffing companies in America during a given week, and during a year, American staffing companies employ 14.5 million contract and temporary employees.

    Seventy-three percent of staffing employees work full time, and 64% utilize the industry to fill the gap between jobs to aid in landing a new one. One-in-five say they chose temporary/contract work for the flexibility it offers.

    This segment of the workforce brings a unique value proposition to the table—flexibility. In today's fast-paced and ever-changing work environment, businesses often require specialized skills for short-term projects or to meet peak demands. Contract workers offer the perfect solution, allowing companies to access top talent without long-term commitment.

    “This week is a time to celebrate the diversity and resilience of the American workforce,” said Express CEO Bill Stoller. “Contract workers, with their adaptability, specialized skills and commitment to excellence play an integral part in the success of businesses across the nation. These professionals possess expertise in niche areas and bring a fresh perspective to projects. Their ability to quickly adapt to new challenges and seamlessly integrate into existing teams makes them indispensable assets to companies of all sizes.”

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