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    Grand Junction , CO

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  • Grand Junction

    725 Pitkin Avenue
    Grand Junction, Colorado 81501
    (970) 242-4500

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  • Staffing Agency in Grand Junction

    Are you on the lookout for a staffing agency in Grand Junction that offers high-quality, custom-designed staffing solutions for both businesses and qualified candidates? At Express Employment Professionals Grand Junction, our employment and recruitment professionals have been working with job seekers and growing businesses in the community for over a decade. As a full-service staffing agency that is locally owned and operated, we’re committed to making lasting connections between local professionals and companies in need of expert hiring solutions.

  • Find Employees in Grand Junction

    Our local office has dedicated more than ten years to providing staffing support for businesses of all sizes from a variety of industries. You can have confidence that by partnering with us, you will reach your recruitment goals and ensure your company is staffed with candidates who bring value to your team through their skills and experience. Thanks to the resources of our global network, as well as our ability to keep our finger on the pulse of the local job market, we can make certain your hiring needs are met quickly and efficiently.

    We work with ISO-certified candidate selection procedures to vet potential hires and identify the best candidates for your company. Instead of spending hours poring over resumes or sitting in interviews with unqualified individuals, you can look forward to only meeting with candidates who have been pre-screened according to your specific instructions. As a result, you’ll save time, money, and energy that can be better spent expanding the reach of your business.

  • Find Jobs in Grand Junction

    If you’re on the hunt for a job in Grand Junction, you may feel frustrated or unproductive. Searching for a job can be tough in any market, whether you’re re-entering the workforce or embarking upon a new career for the first time. Our staffing agency is here to help you find your way through the maze of opportunities and reach the destination of a role that fits your experience and skill set. We have a broad range of jobs available, from skilled trade and commercial positions to part-time and full-time administrative roles.

    To ensure you’re equipped to succeed in your search, we’ll also provide you with valuable career development support. That way, every bit of time you spend in between jobs will be time well spent.

    Take the first step to learn more about our staffing agency today! Call Express Employment Professionals Grand Junction at (970) 242-4500 for details about how we help local job seekers and businesses through our hiring solutions.

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